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  1. And let's not forget that Olly Moss rips off Harland Miller, Bob Peak, John Alvin and Richard Amsel (to name a few of the artists he has "borrowed from" over the years) all the time. Good luck with the movie! Odd studios are great to work with
  2. They should do the City 40/Kyshtym disaster accident as a prequel. This was amazing TV and well worth a watch - as others have mentioned the soundtrack is the mutts nutts as well.
  3. Yep this was brilliant - really great ending to an amazing show. I'll miss it.
  4. I've been three times now...worth it I'm just a sucker for well crafted action movies that show a real performance - after countless crappy CGI Marvel movie fights (Endgame was more like a Havok demo) it's brilliant to see a series like JW do so well.
  5. Best game ever. Stop what you are doing and just get it.
  6. I've skied with Jimmy Chin, incredible gentleman and just insanely passionate about what he does. If you enjoyed Free Solo then check out Meru, another amazing movie about climbing.
  7. EA/DICE are doing a fine job of fucking up Battlefield these days, does that count?
  8. Saw it on release at the pictures and was blown away, brilliant film.
  9. Utter garbage framerate on Xbox One X, the exploration is just follow the massive HUD arrow, bad guys are stupid bullet sponges and Iron Man impressions get boring after ten mins. Not my cup of tea then....
  10. +1
  11. Also Gitgud.
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