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  1. Not happy with the palace result, and as usual I seem to be thinking different from everyone else. Who's really our best player ? Blogs up Not happy with the palace result, and as usual I seem to be thinking different from everyone else. Who's really our best player ? Blogs up
  2. The two best teams left in the FA cup played each other yesterday. And are still in !. Blogs up.
  3. Chaps, you got yourselves out of a hole today, and will lose the replay. I have never said that with such confidence in over 30 yrs of supporting the hammers. If I'm wrong good luck, but what I watched at OT today was a pale imitation of Man U.
  4. You actually have an away game against us, that was supposed to be St Georges day but now postponed . Getting ready to leave my hotel to head up to OT. A little more confident than usual, but who knows. Should be a cracker either way. Will be posting shit in Twitter most of the afternoon.
  5. Hence I'm not buying the hype, just enjoying the ride. It's my wife's birthday next weekend. Whats more romantic than Man U away in the FA cup ?
  6. It been a couple of months. Not a lot has happened, another quiet season at the Boleyn. Who the fuck am I kidding . 9 points in a week and all of a sudden people are saying Champions League. I don't buy that fully just yet, but today's win against Everton would have been an at least 3 goal reverse last season. COYI
  7. Watched TFA today and had managed to avoid all spoilers. Really enjoyed it, took me right back to 77 watching Ep 4. Big moments, great story and casting, but my favourite part was the Apocolypse Now bit with the tie fighters against the sunset. Quality.
  8. Blogs up, not much more to say for a game that happened yesterday, no more no less.
  9. One thing the new owners have done is keep pricing for cup games sensible. Out of interest , how much are away tickets ?
  10. It probably a sell out. If you can get a ticket, avoid the lower tiers in both Bobby Moore and Trevor Brooking Stand. Avoid the chicken run (East Stand). Anywhere else will be fine, just don't do the obvious, eg screaming for Wolves and throwing your Subway Army flag over the nearest advertising hoarding.
  11. It's been a while, but a double over Liverpool only happens once every 50 years. Blogs up
  12. West Ham missing sitters everywhere today.
  13. only got back in time to see the last 7 minutes. 1-1 away to a in form Spurs team. I'll take it
  14. Entertaining draw with Everton yesterday over at the Boleyn. Blogs up
  15. LOL at Chelsea. I didn't go cos I'm a fucking idiot and agreed to a golf day back in the summer. Bollocks. Anyway, 2nd currently, and from what little I saw of the game , deserved.
  16. In an effort to kick start this thread again, I'm declaring the West Ham Way TM is back. blogs up, better late than never.
  17. No blog for this one but I'd thought I would share a theory. Are we winning away because of our home crowd? Under big Sam for obvious reasons the crowd were massively negative, and I think some of that has carried over to this season. Being booed off at half time in both games. Not really WHU behaviour, but it has seemingly become acceptable. That has to transfer to the players. Obviously away is different, and we have 6 points out of 6 from potential CL opponents. Thoughts ?
  18. Full back travesties at Upton Park gift 3 points to Bournemouth. Blogs up.
  19. Normal service is resumed at the Boleyn. Not quite Bilic out yet though. Blog's Up
  20. As he supposed to be a defender, him playing in the midfield means that when and if we get Song back on board, he might be benched. That said, I'm not a massive fan of Song coming back based on the second half of last season, and the fact he doesn't exactly seem in a rush to sign up. Good luck to him and I hope he doesn't burn out. Hopefully Slaven is sensible with him, and lets him grow. To your question. From what i understand of Ozil's performance today, he might not keep his place !
  21. Cannot believe no one is in here today! I will admit I thought Arsenal would roll us out 3 or 4 so I went on a fag run to Belgium instead. Gutted. Interesting that on the way home TalkSport kept bemoaning Arsenal and so does the Gooner thread here. Do we get no credit for winning away there, a feat most teams will not do this season? Anyway 3 points ahead of where we should be and Leicester and Bournemouth up next. #COYI
  22. Just confirmed my ticket for our massive European game next week !!
  23. 2 new players, a new manager, and a trip to Andorra. What a summer. Lol Jenks is looking the part in the u21's though. We should of done that deal as soon as the season finished. Austin though........ Yep.
  24. Again we throw away some perfectly serviceable points. And qualify for Europe !? Blogs up
  25. A predictable blog is up for a predictable game.
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