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  1. Wasn’t it a double A, so does it count? I’ll have to dig it out.
  2. Looks like a boy race around my local one way system.
  3. Even with good surround headphones, I'm finding direction detection not on a remote par with PUBG.
  4. After over 20 years of subscription, I have finally binned off Edge. I wasn't reading it at all , but it formed such a massive part of my life that I also couldn't let it go.
  5. God only knows why, but the blog is up.
  6. Will Tiger win this Open ?
  7. Yay, we have bought some players. Jack can keep Andy and Winston company on the treatment table. Hopefully Anderson is as good as his fee. Yarmolenko is supposed to be a bargain so good news there. The influx of defenders means as well as James Collins, Ogbonna might be on his way, which is a shame. Antonio seems surplus to requirements but injury may prove that we have seen the best of him. Balbuenas is interesting. Calling yourself the General, takes some bollocks in East London ! The one thing that everyone seems quiet about is Mark Noble. Is this the season Mr West Ham hits the bench and championship for Xmas ? And a nut and bolt changaroo at Rush Green. About time! Well played Manuel, so far sir......
  8. And i couldn't get a Kane hatrick on paddy power, only 2 or more. grrrr
  9. Football all over the world (AFC champions league final ? I’m your man) inc Euros and WC’s Boxing in Vegas Olympics. Was lucky in 2012 to see the Jamaican 123 in the 200. Basketball. Knicks and Celtics at MSG NFL Wembley Horse racing Ice Hockey in Montreal Rugby at Twickers Speedway at Arena Essex F1, Truck Racing and Bikes at Brands when I was a kid. TdF as a coincidence when I was in France 1990 I’m guaranteed tickets for the Raiders when they move to Vegas, so left on the list is baseball at Fenway (but there is a game at the London Stadium next year ) and a Super Bowl. PS does Eddie Kidd jumping buses count ?
  10. mrben09


    The funny thing about the fire was instead of getting him to stay so they could put it out, they told him to go go go.
  11. Back with a blog detailing what was not a great game. Prick boy has been dealt with and seems to be behaving
  12. Mate of mine had CatFunt73 for about 5 yrs until MS took it off of him. Being 6ft 10 and over 30stone I thought he was entitled to it.
  13. mrben09

    SNES Mini

    Way back when (2003 -2007) I used to frequent the Geekay in Deira City Centre. Used to be normal prices or cheaper back then . Picked up my first DS months before UK release for about launch price. Got a Famicom anniversary GBASP from there as well at below online. And when the DC was dead they were practically giving away JAP/US titles. Carrefour next door however, used to sell snide GBA 151 in 1's etc. I also got a dodgy Advance wars from there as well. Worse than Karama !
  14. So, deep breaths and I've calmed down since Burnley.:) Blogs up and its goodish news for a change. That said and it's not on the blog, I have had to raise a complaint about the prick who sits next door to me. Never in nearly 35 years have I ever spoken to a steward apart from to ask the where the toilet is on an away game. Nothing sinister , he's just a prick. Who thinks lobbing half a bottle of water at people 3 rows in front of him with their backs to him, is acceptable behaviour because on an attack they had the termerity to stand up and partially block his view. Prick......
  15. BCFC fucked them off, we need to as well. Was nice to see the old badges inside the ground yesterday however. Not sure about the flag thing before kick off though. Reminds me a bit of the fake flag waving at Chelsea and Arsenal. Not needed.
  16. Some of that was organised and some was spontaneous. Like I say let’s get this out in the national press and TV while they are on our side. We kick off every game though, that will soon turn.
  17. Fair do on the payout. I thought it was a straight 4 years. I agree with protest but ultra style tactics are not the way. What’s next, start turning up to training and not let the players in ? Apparently most of the press has actually landed on our side after the initial noise, so let’s ride that genuine vector to rid ourselves of these clowns. But fans arguing with fans is not the way.
  18. @Scruff I was there was the bond protests in 91 (92 ?) and it was pure 2 sided, a board that wanted to fuck over the fans to their faces, and the fans. Now we have fans being threatened by other fan groups because they were bought off by Brady. The guy with the corner flag yesterday was trying to reenact that game against Everton under the bond scheme. But instead of Julian Dicks agreeing with him and ushering him off, we get his co invader being floored by Mark Noble. Who since then has become a villain of the piece with some sections of the fans now calling him a club mouthpiece etc. No more Mr West Ham. By the way the same fans who got bought off by the club. Everyone is pointing at everyone else, like some sad take off of the Life of Brian . What didn’t the dildo brothers do for us anyway. Onto those fuckers, they have nickel and dimed their way to their payout, but it cannot happen for 2 more years. If we had marched maybe that could have got to them. Especially if we did it every game. Maybe boycott games, but that’s shoots us in the foot. Running around the ground and getting kids caught up in it is fucking out of order full stop. I said to someone’s yesterday that 20 yrs ago I would have laughed it off as normal, but hopefully we have all grown up since then. And as for Brady casually saying this week that our 43mil profit would have been the same if we had stayed at UP, talk about putting the boot in ! What we we are seeing will be a sea change for the club, and even more identity will go with it. Did you see that picture of Trevor Brooking yesterday? As I said earlier, heartbreaking.
  19. Just popping in to say yesterday was what happens when you mix politics and football. I’m not going into the back and forth of marches and cancelled marches, but the shambles on the pitch is being matched by the board and now the so called supporters. Relegation I can deal with, it hardly new to us, but the systematic destruction of the one thing I have been involved with my whole life by people on all sides who say they are proper fans is just heartbreaking. Trust me when I say yesterday will not be an isolated incident this season.
  20. Blogs up A rare sore head today !
  21. Apparently some shit went down at the OS today. Blogs up.
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