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  1. I need to change car or game . So far off the pace since up I came back. Stacked it early doors race 2 and that was enough for me. I just seem to be sliding everywhere but I’ve had those setups forever. Most frustrating. Or can we get some worse drivers back! I prefer the practice to the racing these days…..
  2. oh.....must try harder In other news, I did some public lobbies last night at Spa, to get used to other traffic being around. I went into one and thought, this is busy. Next thing a chat message pops up, "What's the point ? Boothby's here !", and there he was banging in 2.16's for quali. I've followed him on twitch for a few years now, so it peaked my interest. Anyway, the race started, we got up the hill and there was a 10-15 car pile up at the top which I caught the end of (basically cars just all over the road spinning in every direction) , so i logged off, and so endeth my brush with ACC Royalty.
  3. I used to re purpose those as AV scanners for floppy disks. But mine may have been older. No external power supply (straight kettle plug) and built in floppy.
  4. Rain stopped play for me on dry tires. Wasn’t worth the pit to not change position. I was in a tricky position. I had to let @Meers and @Valverthrough but in my head I knew effectively I would be giving that place up as well as you were so close . And then the rain came down ….
  5. No slew barriers around the base. No banksman around the base. No caps on the stillages. Shocking ...............................
  6. Oh..... plus ca change. It's that bloody drop left and right back up the hill to the top hairpin.
  7. And I was asleep at 7.30. Will try again tonight. Back to work today, which will hopefully kick my internal clock back in.
  8. Agreed. I would also give them our share of the funds as well.
  9. mrben09

    NFL 2021!

    Chargers getting it to OT, with approximately 0.0 left onthe clock , after the Raiders were coming down the stretch with a 7 point lead. Then as it looked like it was going to be a draw, after they both got a FG, Chargers took a TO at 2.00 minutes. This seems to annoy Carr and Jacobs who then got 2 quick downs in to take their TO with 2 seconds to go, and it's FG Raiders, and we are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2016. Best bit was the lone Steeler fan in the Allegiant who was doing his nut when the draw looked probable.
  10. I'll aim for that. Fair warning though, i was asleep at 8.30 last night !
  11. Yes but maybe one quali. Says the guy who raced once or maybe twice last season. So happy to go with the flow.
  12. I'll try and jump on tonight. Coming to the end of isolation today and even though I'm now negative, I'm just knackered all the time. In fact it's been my only symptom all the way through this last week or so.
  13. Massive. Odds on us getting banana skinned in the next round ?
  14. mrben09

    NFL 2021!

    You obviously didn’t stay up to watch the Raiders- Chargers then ! Drama right till the end. And Big Ben gets another week before retirement.
  15. As an experiment ,just for fun over xmas I am going to see if I can create this as an NFT ! Any profits (v.unlikely) will go back into the group.
  16. This Season has thrown up a new Champion and Driver of the season. Welcome one and all, our Captain , Leader , Legend. @davejm. And without whom it may not have been possible, our new sponsor Heusinkveld !!
  17. I'm (Biden allowing) out for the new year from Monday so that me. Anyway, trophies to scribe !
  18. So I haven't practised or driven the car ever, but I’m jumping on in a bit for few laps before go time. Ill stay out the way (unless @Valver is nearby……. )
  19. Last night had a league cup vibe to it. The kids played well. Except Perkins, who seemed a little intimidated. Hopefully a one off. Blog's done and includes bonus glove gate.
  20. Not in this week chaps, Another European evening under the lights. There will be swearing , you just won’t hear it.
  21. Even Claret and Hugh aren’t panicking yet, and they are usually first on the hyperbole train. Hopefully the big fella will be fine.
  22. Lol, lol, lol . Deccers losing his shit post game on the pitch. Pablo posting paella and estrella on the gram. What a fucking time to be a Hammer. Massive Blog available
  23. So. Due to me being a cock and not registering I had the night to myself . I go onto twitch and what do I find on Iracing. Someone lapping with the Marlboro in place !
  24. Please tell me you are smashing in laps with a casual marlboro hanging out of your mouth.
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