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  1. Downloaded X360 verson onto the one, and using the logitech wheel on a rig, with pedals and a 55" screen up close, is about as close to an in house acade experience I will get. Even if flappy paddles for gears are slightly predated bt the game! Amazing and worth all the 6 quid i spent. Best of 1st place at 2.32 on beginner (AT)
  2. Just downloaded this hopefully onto my xbox one. Will it work with a logitech 920 ?
  3. mrben09

    Xbox One X

    No worse than, "Oh yeah , that's X, he's come round to try Farm Simulator on the wheel and pedal rig !" That was 2 weekends ago.
  4. mrben09

    Xbox One X

    I've got an X, and if you are still in Kent I'm only up the road.
  5. mrben09

    Xbox Game Pass

    Played this through the other night. Loved it.
  6. mrben09

    F1 2019

    I’ll be getting the it but only because I’m still enjoying have a wheel set up. Currently using it on Farming Sim 17 as well !
  7. Maybe I’m getting old, but I’m enjoying The Golf Club 2 on game pass.
  8. I’m loving it. 10 commandments is a solid 10 and classic Specials.
  9. RESURRECTION !!!! Stop the press. West Ham have functioning football team. Blog is up ! https://mrben09.com/2019/03/05/whufc-vs-newcastle-united-02-03-2019-epl2018-2019/
  10. First Specials album in 37 years. First number one album I’ve bought in about the same time. Loving The Interrupters as well. Tim from Rancid all over it but that don’t make it bad. Way better than Lars’ obsession with football aggro and “street music”
  11. Wasn’t it a double A, so does it count? I’ll have to dig it out.
  12. Looks like a boy race around my local one way system.
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