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  1. Tottenham getting battered everywhere they go, everywhere they goooooooooo. 1 2 3 4……….
  2. Lol, look at that time ! I will practice this week ,but I have Europa League on Thursday so will not be bumping anyone off while getting in the way. As I said to @Meers last night, my set up is still not fully operational, and I have my keyboard in a really odd place currently, so if i'm on and you want to say hello or just laugh at my returning incompetence, discord is the place to be.
  3. They all stay…….. no one leaves / gets cancelled from the MID trophy…….
  4. Gents , please welcome aboard our sponsors for series 6, Steyr Mannlicher.
  5. I wish I was joking to some extent. Outside of sports, I watch films on planes (obviously that has been curtailed somewhat recently) . I have never downloaded a film. I own 8 DVD's, last one of which was bought about 20 years ago. During the move around, I found all 4 of my VHS's (OG Star Wars trilogy plus Madonna Immaculate Collection (?) - no idea, I think it was owned by a lad I shared a house with at uni. I do take an occasional interest in the odd episode of something Mrs B watches. Vigil looked alright for 30 minutes for example. My entire Netflix consumption has been sports docs up until last week. Next week, I'm going to the cinema for the first time since Avatar, as I move along my journey to reintegrate with normal consumptive society. Not Thursday !
  6. Yes I should have, but still don't have the man cave back in one piece since we got the work in the house done. It's all being sorted this Sunday, and I will provide photographic evidence. But there's so little of the season left and I haven't touched the wheel at all, that I will be a little nervy of being even more reckless than usual I'm very conscious I have a trophy to hand out for a season I have had no involvement in ,so submissions welcome. However, in other news, having discovered Quake some weeks ago, I've now spent a few evenings watching a television with my wife. Quite the experience. That Netflix thing is good. There's a documentary called Squid Game. Gets a little tense in the bake off section where they make shaped cookies but overall quite educational regarding other countries attitudes towards competitive gaming. So in short it appears there is more on telly than Sky Sports, who knew ?
  7. Been a while since the game but yes, we were poor, and we need to shake things up. Getting bombed out of the League Cup will help. Soucek hasn't looked the same all season, but that 3 games in a week on the last international duty for both of them hasn't helped. No blog, as..... lets just say, I was a little green around the gills on the Monday morning.
  8. mrben09

    The Spurs Thread

    You would get more points and as much as it would make my day (being WHU) please do not do this unless you have no regard for the soul of your club. And no matter how shit you think it is now, you will not play better football. Don't forget we were booing him when we were winning by the end.....
  9. Johnson was great, Noble should have not been ahead of Kral. Might have been a bit of a sentimental call from Moyes. Lead the team out at home in our first ever meaningful European match in the stadium. Another clean sheet. Has anyone seen my large water cooler bottle ? Yarma was my MOTM. read more here http://www.mrben09.com !
  10. Too true. Anyway, I look to tonight visiting the London Stadium in conjunction with Heineken, Betway and the UK Taxpayer, to enjoy the Europa League Matchday 2 in conjunction with Heineken (again), Just Eat, Hankook Tires and Enterprise rent a car. I don't even like Heineken. Apart from outside of the UK interestingly.
  11. Love the NFL games in London , just a shame no Raiders this year. Having had a season ticket for many years I have noticed a difference in pitch side advertising. I'm assuming your Mandarin and Korean is getting better every day. What ever happened to Fred's Cars - cut and shuts a specialty !
  12. I jumped on train sim a couple of weeks ago. Not as buggy as its predecessor, and it has the London Underground. Winner.
  13. Yes, I will be watching the mightiest of Hammers spread their iron grip over Europe this evening. Enjoy chaps. @milko , I'm intrigued as well. Please don't tell me you are Karen Brady !
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