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  1. Champions League! You having a laugh !
  2. I think the last 2 corners may be ones with a "forgiving" limits.
  3. @Mr MajestykI'll be honest, on that straight, I just slam on at 150, I'm coming down the gears as well, but I dont think that's actually doing a lot. I did notice last night, that if I really slam on (pulling back on the whell as well !) I do get it to slow even quicker, which then gets me round a little quicker, but I still start at 150. I have the same pedals (stock). Would it be worth sharing my in game controller (brake) settings ?
  4. Second race was way enjoyable, in much as the first was a cluster of immense proportions. Drive throughs, Stop and Go, damaged car after .5 laps. The whole nine yards ! Really enjoyed racing @jamefor pretty much the whole race, just a shame my brakes overheated and let go (just for one corner !) with a couple of laps to go.
  5. Rice needs a day off soon as well. Over 120 games for WHU already ! I'm a big fan of both the Czech lads. Quite surprised other clubs haven't raided their league this window.
  6. The Diop thing is interesting. Lots of conspiracies abound. Has he got long covid? Is he leaving? Has he been caught with the ladies team ? Who knows ? Was easily our best defender, then fell off a cliff, and is now covered in spurious excuses as to why he's not even on the bench somedays. Maybe he actually fell off a cliff ! I also think add a keeper to the list, as well as a striker. Randolph is OK, but thats it. Will this other young striker get a go ?(Mipo) Hopefully this weekend. Johnson and Ngkia stepped up well when asked, and lets not forget this lad left Man U
  7. It's like breathing life into a long dead grandfather clock, but its BUMP time, with some scatter gun opinions in case anyone fancies any hammer chat. 7th, and unbeaten this calendar year (cue Doncaster this weekend). Moyes seems to have found a groove but it is prediciated on the idea that we will have no injuries and can rotate the same 14 players. The three at the back has changed to a four with the inclusion of Dawson. Not quite sure if he is really less mobile than Balbuena ? Ogbonna is becoming a WHU legend on the sly, and seems to be a commentator favourite as w
  8. Anyway. Good race guys. Had a good battle with @Valverand @milko and then my maths skills let me down. Actually they didn’t , when I got the low fuel warning it appeared that 2.58 I had calculated had gone up to 2.73 and I hadn’t noticed. Fuck!
  9. Ok, I get it ! I5 9600 with 16 gb of oc’ed DDR4 . Game is running on a Nvme.
  10. I might bung the quest 2 on this weekend and give it a go. I’d never bothered but as my ageing 970GTX seems unbothered so far (60fps solid , at 1440, with most settings at high, yeah I don’t know how either), it may tip it over the edge.
  11. It was fine, plenty of space. It was just with it being a short quick approach, I was just trundling the corner and then foot down, and then WTF ! lol That said, my favourite words to hear these days when racing and needing to catch up are "yellow flag ahead"
  12. A tale of 2 races last night. With a drop in particpants, in the first race I ended up losing the tail of the pack, and driving around for about 15 laps on my own, which was pretty boring. And then started getting a bit silly with corners, etc "just to see". @milko I'll be honest the weaving nearly caught me out, as I thought you were lag ghosting first of all and nearly just went straight on through! The second race was going the same way. UNTIL in one lap, I came across @davejm pointing the wrong way down the main straight. and half a lap later I was speedily ap
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