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  1. Eased myself back in and then went to shit as usual. Not here for a while now. So if someone can be arsed please award trophy etc. Need to get my golf swing going for my special guest……….
  2. Olli Scarles looks some player. Watch out Cressie.
  3. Ironically Thursday is probably the best day for me . Just sooo many things to do.
  4. Chaps. I promise I haven't left although it may seem that way. Once again European competition has got in the way. Probably won't be an issue next season (football not ACC), unless we win the bloody thing. Also, from the week after next I will be on holibobs for 2 weeks many timezones away, and cannot get the rig on the plane for anything like sensible money. So, I guess that all adds up to actually driving next week. Now we are secured top place in the group, I may just have it on the Ipad while I'm driving around wherever. So apologies in advance for any aggressive shouting during the race. (Come on you irons, you fuckin slaaagggg ,etc)
  5. Apologies chaps. Work got in the way. Won't be around next week either. It's getting frustrating that other things keep getting in the way, but hey, life.
  6. Had enough chances to win 3 games yesterday. As did Liverpool. If it had been 4-3 either way, I would not have been surprised. Some things are so obvious though. Rice gets a goal last weekend with a one two, so last night we do about 8 one twos with Rice. At least it gets him forwards sensibily rather than playing in front of Soucek for no reason. Yes Mr Soucek, you had your best game this season last night. Keep it up. Struggling with motivation to blog after all these years, so things will be a bit more sporadic moving forwards. Going to all 3 games next week, so should have something to scribble. Delighted for us to have Man U away coming up, just as they seem to have found form for the first time in donkeys !
  7. I will literally be coming into this with no practice but hey, my result position is locked up anyway.
  8. I'm old enough have had my first legal drink in UK, murdered someone that night, done a 30 stretch, and now find myself back in the rat race (for quite a while). Careful who you meet online chaps. Anyway, looking forward to the London meet, I know a pub...........
  9. Love the track, easily my favourite. Happy with my pace (slow as it was ) and consistency as well after nearly 3 months out. Got a nice rhythm going until for some unexplainable reason I booted it off the last corner, went down the pit lane at speed and joined the DQ club. Onto brands for another fave track. I may have found a friend in the M4.
  10. Wow. I haven't seen a beard around these parts forever. You are truely old school sir.
  11. Done. Look forward to it. Just saying....... https://www.simplyrace.co.uk/
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