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  1. Dont sweat it , you will be fine, I took 3 seconds off my time and dropped a place in the rankings !
  2. Gents . A couple of questions if I may. In the second race I was supposed to start 3rd on the grid. Due to plumbing issues elsewhere i was promoted to 2nd. But my car stayed on the right even though Majestyx's car dissappeared. At the rolling start, it was telling me to go left. I did and got a good start. Then it flashed up I had started in the wrong position and gave me a drive through penalty, which dropped me from 3rd to 13th when I took it. As you can imagine not happy. So my question is, is that a server error or a Ben error (or both !). My second is a question of
  3. Clocks ticking . Waiting for long term parking bus at Heathrow then an hour drive !!!! If m25 is Ok. Going to be tight!
  4. So my flight might get in early enough to get home, shit shower shave and be ready to join quail on Thursday. No practice, just raw incompetence incoming !
  5. My internet blew out on what would have been my last lap of quali. Then proceeded to go up and down like a yoyo for the next 2 hours. I'm a bit gutted as I had put a fair shift in this week practising. I'm out next week after Boris kept my travel destinination next week off the list, so good luck all.
  6. And I changed the number block to pro, just in case anyone not in the Thursday night gang is reading and can be fooled easily!
  7. EDIT: Updated after some more fannying around. Ecru wheels to celebrate West Ham's worst away kit ever (96-97)
  8. I will be sticking with the 911 (with electric bits back on , thanks) . I will try and improve on my Claret and Blue themed East London whip.
  9. We are all still traumatised by that scene in American History X and so have adopted our Yankee friends mistreatment of the English language in certain areas, due to assocication.
  10. Nice to see I wasn't the only one in Bathurst sporting the slightly open bonnet look to assist slowing down into the corners !
  11. I really enjoyed Brands, I was pulling away from Meers to keep the lead and then even by my own low standards had an unforced error to drop back into 6 th. ! Bathurst I did better than I ever expected, and better than any practice I’ve had, which was interesting. Although I lost some power because I got hard rear ended at the end of the first straight. But no complaints.
  12. I wont't lie but I'm struggling in the car and on the track. But I'm looking forward to Brands so will be sticking around.
  13. My hardly used RG350M is in trading if anyone is interested. /End plug
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