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  1. Hey, I'm at R*. If it puts anyone's mind at rest, I can tell you that the issue has been widely misreported / misunderstood. However I do appreciate all the concern for our welfare, it is certainly an important conversation to have. For Red2 though, as far as I'm aware no one was ever compelled to work extra hours. It was all handled MUCH more maturely than in the old days. For anyone interested: About the most that ever happened was, during the final push we politely asked our team to do what they could. For some, that meant squeezing in a few extra hours here and there to get the game over the finish line. For others, they wanted to stick with core hours of 9 to 5 throughout the project and that was totally fine. Personally I did some heavy hours at times, but it was entirely self inflicted on my part and I'd do it again. For me it is about trying to make the game that everyone expects from us, the game that we expect from ourselves. I feel immensely proud to make stuff that so many people care about, it isn't just a job for me, it is my life's work. And generally I would say the company is good at sharing success with its staff in terms of compensation afterwards etc. So don't cry for me too much I hope you guys enjoy the game, roll on the 26th!
  2. Yes. You want both devices, hdd and optical, running at the same time.
  3. Definitely disc version. The disc version requires a mandatory hdd install anyway, but has the advantage of being able to load data off the bluray and the hdd simultaneously.
  4. Inverting X isn't as weird as it sounds actually... Playing certain third-person action games like Ratchet & Clank for example, feels weird to me until X is inverted for camera control (it just depends on whether you feel like you are controlling a camera or "where the character is looking". Same can apply to certain racing games with a "side view" mapped to the analogue sticks. I always invert Y too, because that's just how I mentally map the controls. It feels like I would instinctively tilt my head forward to look down, and backwards to look up. So that maps to invert-Y on a mouse or analogue stick pretty well. I really struggled with EDF on the 360 though - although it supports invert-Y for running and gunning, when you hop in a vehicle or mech it double-inverts the Y axis (ie doesn't invert at all) and becomes unplayable. Gutted!
  5. Looks fantastic. Simply can't understand why the recent Edge preview was so down on SC2.
  6. Yeah the whole thing is far too expensive IMHO, Neon and Videogames Live. Would love to show my support but it seems like bad value for money.
  7. I reckon the tickets are too expensive.
  8. ibk11

    Sony PSP Go!

    If HMV are doing it for £199 with Gran Turismo, has anyone tried getting Game to price match?
  9. Personally, as much as I like the guy's TV work, I found myself disagreeing with Graham Linehan's comments on Gameswipe. Anyone earning a crust as a writer is going to be reasonably literate so it's silly to suggest that they aren't reading books. There's also a hint of cultural snobbery going on there too... after all, why shouldn't games writers take their lessons from the best of movie writing, or for that matter TV writing? Seems like a good match to me. Never mind The Wire, even aiming for The Bill would be a good start. Overall I liked Gameswipe a lot, though it would have been cool if they'd followed the Screenwipe format a bit more. By all means give some shit games a good kicking, but also champion a few genuinely great games too. I'm pretty sure it was Charlie's enthusiasm for 24 and The Wire that got me interested in those shows, so it'd be cool to see a similar approach to games. As it was, Gameswipe seemed to be more about describing gaming to non-gamers, as well as discussing the way games have been covered in mainstream media over the years. Good stuff, nice seeing games discussed like they actually matter. Now, the next step is to actual cover games in the same way Screenwipe covers TV.
  10. Looking good! Here's hoping I find that one final missing blue orb in Crackdown (299/300!) before the sequel comes out...
  11. Sorry don't have time to commit to a ladder at the mo, but always up for a casual game.
  12. Fair enough, he's not an entirely fictional character then.
  13. But according to that college website where he lectures, his doctorate is from "University College, England".
  14. So is he actually "Dr Langdell" then, or is that bullshit too? Perhaps someone will call UCL and find out.
  15. lolz that was me ... But it hardly matters as I still suck at Scrabble, no matter my vocabulary! Enjoying it a lot though. Trufax: Words w/ Friends doesn't recognize the word "Jewish" - Apple in anti-semitism scandal
  16. Please add me - username Kiigan also cheers to anyone I've played so far from rllmuk!
  17. I want in on this Words action plz - gamertag is Kiigan
  18. Nope, I think you get some small period (e.g. 3 months or something like that). Of course your original warranty is unaltered. You certainly don't get another 3 years, otherwise I'd have a lifetime supply of 360s
  19. Thanks for the tip - just got it and it rules
  20. Either that, or you are I see no evidence either way, so I guess we'll all just have to decide for ourselves what to believe - either the words of a PR shill from Eidos (a company with prior form for this type of thing) or a games journalist blog that was shut down ages ago and tends to only post now very infrequently, when there's a decent story worth covering.
  21. Eidos are known for this, seems to be common practice lately. What can be done? Well, naming and shaming the publishers that try it on is a good first step IMO, so well done to this Ram Raider guy. The sad thing though is that Batman Arkham Asylum looks genuinely decent and has had lots of positive coverage to date. It doesn't need these kinds of PR shenanigans to review well, and it must suck for the devs to see Eidos squander gamers' goodwill towards the game in this unnecessary way. If you don't care, fair enough. But I imagine anyone who works as a games journalist will care. Being handed a game and told what score it was getting before you've even played it? Sure, mags always rely on advertising, but there must be better ways to handle such things than completely undermining editorial integrity.
  22. From the Lucasarts Twitter: "Amazing news coming Monday! Super excited! You have no idea how tough it is not to start yelling about it! But it’s secret! Until Monday!" Yes, clearly it was always going to be something as unremarkable as a bunch of old games being available for download. It's all there, between the lines.
  23. Jesus. Why was this hyped at all? Re-releasing stuff we all bought years ago. Super.
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