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  1. Hey, I'm at R*. If it puts anyone's mind at rest, I can tell you that the issue has been widely misreported / misunderstood. However I do appreciate all the concern for our welfare, it is certainly an important conversation to have. For Red2 though, as far as I'm aware no one was ever compelled to work extra hours. It was all handled MUCH more maturely than in the old days. For anyone interested: About the most that ever happened was, during the final push we politely asked our team to do what they could. For some, that meant squeezing in a few extra hours here and there to ge
  2. Yes. You want both devices, hdd and optical, running at the same time.
  3. Definitely disc version. The disc version requires a mandatory hdd install anyway, but has the advantage of being able to load data off the bluray and the hdd simultaneously.
  4. Inverting X isn't as weird as it sounds actually... Playing certain third-person action games like Ratchet & Clank for example, feels weird to me until X is inverted for camera control (it just depends on whether you feel like you are controlling a camera or "where the character is looking". Same can apply to certain racing games with a "side view" mapped to the analogue sticks. I always invert Y too, because that's just how I mentally map the controls. It feels like I would instinctively tilt my head forward to look down, and backwards to look up. So that maps to invert-Y on a mouse or an
  5. Looks fantastic. Simply can't understand why the recent Edge preview was so down on SC2.
  6. Yeah the whole thing is far too expensive IMHO, Neon and Videogames Live. Would love to show my support but it seems like bad value for money.
  7. I reckon the tickets are too expensive.
  8. ibk11

    Sony PSP Go!

    If HMV are doing it for £199 with Gran Turismo, has anyone tried getting Game to price match?
  9. Personally, as much as I like the guy's TV work, I found myself disagreeing with Graham Linehan's comments on Gameswipe. Anyone earning a crust as a writer is going to be reasonably literate so it's silly to suggest that they aren't reading books. There's also a hint of cultural snobbery going on there too... after all, why shouldn't games writers take their lessons from the best of movie writing, or for that matter TV writing? Seems like a good match to me. Never mind The Wire, even aiming for The Bill would be a good start. Overall I liked Gameswipe a lot, though it would have been cool if t
  10. Looking good! Here's hoping I find that one final missing blue orb in Crackdown (299/300!) before the sequel comes out...
  11. Sorry don't have time to commit to a ladder at the mo, but always up for a casual game.
  12. Fair enough, he's not an entirely fictional character then.
  13. But according to that college website where he lectures, his doctorate is from "University College, England".
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