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  1. is it too late for me to try it out before buying it as I didn't read about beta being available on PS4.
  2. I predict Starfox will make guest appearance in Metroid Prime IV.
  3. Star Fox + F Zero with Metroid Samus in a game can work together like Mario Kart, but it is like Nintendo's Star Wars universe. As long they keep out Mario, Zelda, etc out. I predict Donkey Kong will make an apperance just like Planet of Apes films.
  4. What is the going rate for XBOX one console (Halo Limited Edition) for trade in ? Can original XBOX One do HDR ? Just checking.
  5. Is there any web site telling us about upcoming XBOX ONE X Console ie new colours and limited edition. Just want it to replace my Halo limited Edition XBOX 1. (Is it worth anything)
  6. They will need new franchise so they are hoping it will become one. Would be interesting to keep an eye on for now. I love the original.
  7. Went for the Jetski game and hopefully it is good as wave race on gamecube.
  8. Here is one how about the rise of Richard the Lionheart.
  9. Problem with these films it is always cover same period of time. So where are the stories say 25 years after Richard the Lionheart come back to witness the wedding for example. Hollywood need new ideas.
  10. it would be nice to have a nintendo switch used like ipad on the move so people don't have to carry both.
  11. Look like it is my cup of tea. So I have it on pre order. I can enjoy it after my holiday.
  12. Think Game should have an option to unlock things after 20 hours gameplay. So you won't give up.
  13. Subtitles are for deaf/hard of hearing people and non-native speakers. Not blind people as they will need audio description.
  14. order new 4TB white hard drive for PS4 Pro and I already using 1TB hard drive. Can I transfer external hard drive 1 to external hard drive 2. so I can use the other external hard drive on XBOX 1.
  15. I think for next generation PS5 - we should wait for PS5 Pro before buying one ? Good idea.
  16. Agreed and Microsoft's build quality for consoles had been bad in general.
  17. What happens when subscription ran out and no auto new subscription on PSN as mine will ran out on 27th April. Just asking as I am considering adding 12 months subscription but not sure what the cheapest way.
  18. § No it is not I bought it from amazon.com and it can only play region A Blu ray plus multi region/region free blu rays so if it is only region B blu ray it can't play them, but I got XBOX One for this.
  19. I got PS4 Pro and use it for games and Region A/free blu ray and I used it with 50inch full HD Plasma TV. I got a 43 inch 4K TV in living room but doesn't have enough opportunity to use it for games. But I plan to get 4K OLED TV in winter.
  20. wish someone import all classics Tomb Raider games and levels into one super Tomb Raider game in 4K PS4/XBOX 1 games with better control. (Can PS4 pro play Ps1 games)
  21. I just want gobsmacking pictures quality ie Spiderman new film. Just need to upgrade my bedroom TV for 4K whichI will do about November.
  22. Thanks for feedback for remote. I mainly used xbox one for NFL Game Pass, Region B Blu Rays, as I mainly used USA PS4 Pro for BBC IPLAYER, region A Blu Rays and multi regions blu rays, and Apple TV 3 for MLB TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime
  23. XBOX One remote control official ? Buy or avoid ? I also got one for XBOX 360 can I use that on XBOX One.
  24. Thanks for this site link and added it to my bookmark. Should be useful.
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