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  1. Hope PS5 will be powerful enough to run PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and PS5 games with no region coding and support for Full HD, 4K and 8K and 4K Blu Ray and in few different colours in launch.
  2. Perhaps Microsoft want to make people buy Next Gen XBOX instead of PS5.
  3. Got Spiderman, AC Odyssey, Forza Horizons 4 (XBOX), Fifa 19, Madden 19 and nothing on order apart from Red Dead Redemption 2 and XBOX One X with Fallout new game. That should be enough for me for Autumn and Winter games. Soul Calibur 6 and Tomb Raider new game will be one to buy when it is cheap.
  4. Whoever done this code need to double check things they code.
  5. Any good offer for standard PS4 version ideally digital ? or disc ? Don't fancy spending 50 quids on it.
  6. Watched video and it is great and think I will get PS4 version so I can use joystick with it. No Ghost and Goblins game ?
  7. is those fallout white xbox one x console 1TB or 2TB ? Will get one of those. Might buy it on Black Friday. MICROSOFT SAY 1TB
  8. What do you mean I haven't played on xbox live for a while lol. is this the goatkeeper ?
  9. I will be in America and won't return until 18th and will they keep it for me I don't know.
  10. I can't wait for the game I will be in USA on day of release. How much will this collector edition PS4 game cost?
  11. Think Game Piracy is not common nowadays compared to say a decade ago as gamers getting older and have more money and less time for it. Apart from uploading roms on SNES Mini I don't think I done any piracy since XBOX/PS2 era.
  12. Should be Animal Crossing Vacation that would be a system seller.
  13. which one do mark it down and free postage for import 4K UHD Blu Rays. Just checking.
  14. will the graphics engine be updated for modern consoles and take advantage of extra power ?
  15. Hey it was Joemul who suggest it as luxury item. I will have a kick ass home cinema surround sound system as my luxury item.
  16. Games - 8 games Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) Zelda - Breath of the Wild (Switch) GTA V (Online) (PS4) Ridge Racer 2 PSP Metroid Prime 4 (Switch) Halo (XBOX One X remastered) Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube) Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PS4) Book - Probably one of those Nintendo book. Luxury Item - SNES mini
  17. Pokemon new game on Switch. what the difference between Pokemon: Let's Go! Eevee! (Nintendo Switch) Pokemon: Let's Go! Pikachu! (Nintendo Switch) is this just the character on box art ?
  18. I think Microsoft should stick to XBOX 1 Format rather than replace it like PS3 to PS4. Upgrade it if there is demand, then kill off XBOX One X (Original after a decade) and all the hardware and games are not lost.
  19. Any sign of price drop for XBOX One X or white XBOX ONe X ?
  20. How do I get Ultra Street Fighter IV free for PS4 as I already got it on PS3 and Street Fighter 30th anniversary pack for PS4 from Amazon.
  21. I am getting both For PS4 and Switch. How is joystick support for this game on PS4. I think I got Hori stick for PS3, PS2 and GC. Can I use one of those stick on Switch version ?
  22. Can see this game dropping to 20 pounds quickly.
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