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  1. For me it is ok if it is in game room/living room but not bedroom unless you got the space.
  2. How much space do you need to play this PSVR as I don't have very much space in my bedroom.
  3. Let hope so as it will be daft to have two different packing for 2 different markets when they can chuck both in.
  4. IT IS XBOX ONE X WHITE https://www.alza.co.uk/xbox-one-x-fallout-76-d5450114.htm
  5. Ordered my white xbox one X from www.alza.co.uk and will I need to buy any cable for plug ? Just checking.
  6. Picked it up yesterday for XBOX One. Is it enhanced for XBox One X. Now I got to order XBOX One X on Black Friday week.
  7. Do you need psvr kit to play this game ?
  8. Should I get Far Cry V original or Far Cry V Gold for xbox one x ? Just checking. (Is it good)
  9. I got it on Switch which is why I got rid of it as I don't think I need it
  10. Is the game any good ? as I am buying xbone one x next week. Just sold my xbox one and Mario Kart Wii U for 122 pounds.
  11. I enjoyed the film as I was too young to understand Freddie Mercury when I am a kid. Think the film could do with another 20 minutes to explore more things. Which book is worth reading about Queen/Freddie Mercury. Ideally with lot of photos.
  12. Should I look to get this as bundle for XBOX One X or leave it as I mainly play single player.
  13. There should be someone capable of hacking it and replacing roms on PS Classics and maybe add a game or so. So don't write it off just yet.
  14. probably to save money on price of cart.
  15. Don't like this exclusive deal with game/microsoft for white xbox as it can't allow me to use the like of amazon, very for special deals. I can wait until Black Friday.
  16. No problem as it is good to share offers but it need right offer for me to jump, I will wait until Black Friday. All I need to do is keep an eye on Game and Microsoft and oversea sites.
  17. I asked Game Store today about selling my Xbox one (Halo XBOX One Limited Edition console) and they told me it is 79 pounds. Any suggestion as I want to take the money and wait until Black Friday to buy white xbox one x with fallout 74 (hopefully for 350 pounds)
  18. Civilization 6 (Switch) look interesting, Tetris Effect video look confusing. Will get Fallout 74 with white xbox one X as long I can buy it for 350 pounds on black friday.
  19. I have seen a lot of good deals for black XBOX One X and I have white one XBOX X on order from Microsoft due out on 14th November. Will this new white X Box X will be available say for 350 pounds instead of 450 pounds on Black Friday or whatever. I know Game and Microsoft sell them but any other option? I want it to go with white PS4 Pro I have.
  20. This it should be Resident Evil 0-7 and other games package on Switch
  21. Ordered a converter for 11 quids let see how well it work. Don't want to fork out 30 quids for pound HDMI option. It is only be used occasionally.
  22. My Tv doesn't have VGA. What the best option for VGA to HDMI for dreamcast gaming.
  23. Is it worth trading in both XBOX 360 and XBOX One for money towards XBOX one X as I want to know will I be able to play games like Ridge Racer, Outrun, Cave shooters, etc on xbox one x Can xbox one play original XBOX games (Mine is mostly American)
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