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  1. I wonder will it support 4K UHD Blu Ray. PS5 to me need to do these things play UHD 4K Blu Ray, Blu Ray, DVD, CD, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5 games and do 60FPS 4K, and 8K and no slow loading. One problem with SSD Hard Disk it is too expensive and lack the necessary storage.
  2. Think it should be 20 quids. It would encourage people to buy it.
  3. I would like to see UK roads and uk signs in new courses if it is in pipeline. Perhaps a race in Scottish Highlands.
  4. Just checking do XBOX One X play games in 4K with 60FPS. So I will know if I need to use fast or normal HDMi socket on TV
  5. Just checking do PS4 Pro play games in 4K with 60FPS. So I will know if I need to use fast or normal HDMi socket on TV
  6. Just checked USA version and it got 3 buttons not six. Please check if the game is 60hz version or 50hz for European Megadrive Mini. I might be interested if the game is 60hz.
  7. I am in howling cave and kill the wolves ok, then I can climb into the other side and now I can't climb up the wall into petroleum deposit base as I haven't got a pickaxe (video show me). Fecking crap game design. It is not good as Uncharted series.
  8. as long I can use pro controller/gamecube controller on all 3 games on switch in 1080P I will buy it. I love Metroid games. I hope they will port Other Metroid 3DS game on Switch as well.
  9. playing it at the moment on XBOX One X and I am in the jungle in Peru facing a big boss Jaguar and I can't fecking kill the Jaguar with Bow and Arrow. Can anyone help. Just want a bloody shotgun to use.
  10. Do I need to play RE1 remaster first or I can play RE2 remaster now. Just checking.
  11. Got the switch version so I can use it on the train/airport.
  12. How difficult to get ridge racer type 4 running on Nintendo SNES Mini ? I still have the disc. Just want to take advantage of HDMI.
  13. What version should I get it for XBOX one or Switch ?
  14. and Commodore/Amiga Technologies not getting the next step right. Amiga should be Apple Mac today.
  15. oh feck as it is most wanted game for me as I love Metroid Prime games. There should be more love in this franchise like Zelda series. Namco should stop pissing about with these games and get on with making Ridge Racer
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