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  1. I love Ridge Racer  most especially type 4 and 6/7. I want to see new Ridge Racer on next generation console with open world like 5 and 6 plus storylines of Ridge Racer type 4.  Who ever get this on next generation console first will get me buying their console. 

    Formula = 4K 60FPS Ridge Racer 7 + Storylines and characters from RR Type 4 + more = Take my money.



  2. Any good USA / Canadian store for online ordering without duty and postage charge. Just wondering. Amazon.com is too expensive. 

    I have stop buying new release of 4K films due to 25 pounds. I will wait until there is price drop to 15 pounds or be part of deal package. Not too worried as I still got 25 films to watch on 4K blu ray. 

    Last film I got are Verom and La La Land. 


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