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    Enjoy and love Aston Villa football club, boxing, salsa dancing, dancing with pretty ladies or two, photography, baseball, American football, video games, films, home cinema, environment, travelling, historical buildings, fine food.

    My favourite game is football games, Action Adventure, shoot them ups and racing games.

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  1. How do I climb up the next level as I can't reach some part of the island. My character is Zidane of Chicago ;)
  2. I love Ridge Racer most especially type 4 and 6/7. I want to see new Ridge Racer on next generation console with open world like 5 and 6 plus storylines of Ridge Racer type 4. Who ever get this on next generation console first will get me buying their console. Formula = 4K 60FPS Ridge Racer 7 + Storylines and characters from RR Type 4 + more = Take my money.
  3. if it is any good and can be hacked to allow more games added I will be interested as long it is not too expensive.
  4. Cancelled three games on pre order due to this policy. Just in case.
  5. Feck mobile phone and it should come out on Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX 1 and PC and Mac. Playstation 5 will be out before Sociable Soccer get released for consoles.
  6. Any good USA / Canadian store for online ordering without duty and postage charge. Just wondering. Amazon.com is too expensive. I have stop buying new release of 4K films due to 25 pounds. I will wait until there is price drop to 15 pounds or be part of deal package. Not too worried as I still got 25 films to watch on 4K blu ray. Last film I got are Verom and La La Land.
  7. I put in Burnout 3 (XBOX) in XBOX 1 today and it is incompatible. Do I need to put it in xbox 360 then download update ?
  8. Ninja Gaiden II - hurray as I got this game already. What about Ninja Gaiden on XBOX ?
  9. They could team up with Nintendo instead.
  10. I wonder will it support 4K UHD Blu Ray. PS5 to me need to do these things play UHD 4K Blu Ray, Blu Ray, DVD, CD, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5 games and do 60FPS 4K, and 8K and no slow loading. One problem with SSD Hard Disk it is too expensive and lack the necessary storage.
  11. Think it should be 20 quids. It would encourage people to buy it.
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