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  1. What happened to the roll hoop? I'm shocked it just disappeared seemingly on first impact with the track. Has there been a change in the way they're designed now due to the halo being able to do a similar job? Edit: funny timing! I'll read above. Edit edit: I wonder what state his helmet is in?
  2. Problem with Richard Mille watches is they're so distinctive and so well known for being mega expensive. Lando got his one taken from him at/outside a football match last year, I seem to remember.
  3. I love looking at vintage gear. Wish I had a bit more knowledge to consider fixing some of the things I've had die over the years. You could post your progress over here if you like @Twinbee
  4. Don't you think that's true of almost all hobbies or the last 5 years? I ride MTB and things are staggeringly expensive now.
  5. I just record pretty much everything in case I'm late, busy etc. Makes sense, hadn't thought of that hypothetical case.
  6. Isn't the whole point of sky that you can record anything you want? I don't have a sports or F1 subscription but I do have sky. Is there something that stops you just recording the full face to watch whenever you want?
  7. Ooh, sunset McLaren is lovely. The Williams (was it?) yesterday looked great dripping in flow-vis too. Edit: here it is.
  8. I'd totally missed that this finally got a vinyl release. As cool as this one looks, I'm generally a bit underwhelmed by picture discs. Does it sound good?
  9. I've not even bothered to look at the list the last two years. It just seems totally pointless now. Scalpers grab anything 'special' to resell and the rest just hangs around to be put in the next sale. I tend to follow most artists I'm interested in on Instagram so if they do a RSD release I'll hear about it that way and invariably not be bothered enough to actual get a copy unless it hangs around.
  10. I'm with you, non issue. Are the tyres the same size apart from the sidewall and it's just the wheels that are bigger? Or are the tyres different as well?
  11. Or you'll just end up keeping them like I have (using them right now in fact) after I bought my new amp and was planning to sell them on!!
  12. Lovely looking vinyl. No idea why it came with a print of a dog!
  13. Thanks. That's going to be a disaster in my house!
  14. Has anyone got any idea what's happening with Wreckfest on Switch? My son really wants it after watching countless YouTube videos but we only have a Switch to play or on. From a quick Google all I can really see is the launch announcement from last September stating it's coming in the fall. But it hasn't come yet.
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