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  1. I was a bit uncomfortable with the clash of heads. I even rewound it to take a look. Looked a little too close to intentional to me.
  2. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    I've had a bit of a look, not much showing locally. The Technics is a bit metal for me. I'd prefer a bit of wood if going retro. I've had a quick look at covers, seems very straightforward, are they expensive. That would bump the price right up. Also, does the Elemental have auto stop? I know it doesn't auto move the arm at all but does it stop the record spinning when it gets to the end? There's been loads of occasions where I've got distracted and forgotten to stop mine but my current cheap thing does at least stop it spinning.
  3. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    It's just a bit too modern really. I think I'd prefer something a little more traditional/vintage. More on the side of 70's vintage than 80/90's vintage though. Second hand would be fine but I don't know loads about them so would be unsure where to look for something decent.
  4. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    Does anyone have any knowledge of entry level turntables? I'm in the market for something sub £200. I've seen the Pro-Ject Elemental for £150 which gets good write ups. It's not exactly my taste aesthetically though and also doesn't have a cover. Anything else worth looking at?
  5. Agent L

    Vampire Weekend

    Does anyone else have this on vinyl? Two annoying points for me. Firstly, no download code so I can't repeat it over and over when out and about to see if it clicks with me, I've only had the chance to listen at home uninterrupted twice since release day and it's not clicked yet. Every other time has just been one of the discs with other stuff happening. Secondly, the cover is so small getting the vinyl in without creasing the inner sleeves is impossible. And it came with that massive poster thing with the lyrics that is just not possible to get back in alongside one of the discs. Really annoys me.
  6. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    There's two things I'm seriously interested in from the whole list. An 8 track live EP and a 10" picture disc single. £22 and £15 respectively. That's £37 for one albums worth of music which feels like a big ask to me. Don't think I can get to a store on Saturday morning anyway but would be surprised if either sell out so will aim to pick them up next time I'm passing.
  7. From the first post.
  8. The fantasy F1 has gone terribly for me so far. Bottom of our league. I hadn't realised that there were negative points on offer for not finishing and that the 'Turbo' driver then got double the negative score . Time to make a substitution already I think. Did anyone else set up the full three teams allowed? I totally chose the wrong one for our league, one of my others would have me up at the top by a mile and the other would be second by only 4 points.
  9. All that bare carbon fibre in the sun
  10. I've been doing this for a few years with varying results. I had two of those lenses kicking about anyway so it was a cheap way to get new glass when I changed from Canon DSLR to the EM-5 for cost reasons. The problem I have is focus, it's so hard to get the image in focus manually when shooting at wide apertures or really zoomed. I do get some really nice 'vintage' film looking shots though without needing to process them much.
  11. Isn't that what everyone was saying last year?
  12. Although I've been following NFL to some degree since my teens I've never really rooted for a particular team. Each year I've watched the first 3-4 games and then followed whoever looked the most exciting. Last season I went for the Rams and really enjoyed it, so much in fact that I decided to make them 'my' team. I've been bloody loving this season as they've been great to watch. Then I saw last night's score, then I watched the highlights on YouTube, MY GOD! The Chiefs have been amazing this season too and I was so happy to see the match-up lead such a great game.
  13. I can see Flintoff being OK but I can't stand McGuiness if he's doing his usual schtick. If he leaves that behind them I'll give him a chance but I'm not looking forward to the series to be honest after this news.
  14. I'm a little confused with what's going on at Force India and Williams. Are any seats confirmed yet? I'm assuming Stroll will go to FI? I would have thought Ocon was a strong choice for one of the seats, no money to bring to the team?
  15. Agent L

    vinyl lovers

    Found a great vinyl seller in a flea market I've not visited before in my local town. Really good stuff all reasonably priced. Covers were a bit tatty on a lot of them but the vinyl it's really good for the age. Nothing I got was over £8!
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