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  1. Tiny Troopers is really a lot of fun, reminds me of Cannon Fodder.
  2. If it's more Yakuza than GTA I'm interested.
  3. Just finished Yakuza 4. 30 hours, 18,7% complete. Bloody hell! And I thought I did a lot of sidequests and mini-games. Might continue a bit to do some more. Overall, a great game, much better then Yakuza 3. I love the story and the different characters. Thinking of picking up Kenzan (there is a faq online) or the zombie one. I cannot get enough of this world.
  4. Plague Inc. is one very disturbing game.
  5. I agree it's not especially clear, shame because it looks visually stunning. I got it quickly, especially when
  6. Books 1 & 2 of this zombie series. Easy read and nice to see people acting in a smart and intelligent way for a change. Especially after watching The Walking Dead.
  7. Well, I just pre-ordered Persona 4. Now to find a Vita before october.
  8. Looks like Frozen Synapse is still coming.
  9. Finished the last book of the Asia Saga by James Clavell: Gai-Jin. Really, really liked it. I just started The Long Ships. Amazing written adventure story!
  10. I still want to buy a Vita this fall. The current crop of games, those that have been announced and the PSP backlog will probably keep me occupied for the next two years. I just hope that Sony will announce a pricedrop or a bundle with a memorycard in the mean time. But most of all, I hope they show a little bit more faith in the Vita and convince me it will be a good investment for the next few years.
  11. Aurelius

    Edge #242

    I loved it too. Was thinking of canceling my subscription but will now switch to the digital one.
  12. I just got a new iPhone, and I was wondering if Final Fantasy Tactics is a good port of the PSP game? I remember than one being very blurry. Price is also a bit steep for the iStore.
  13. That's also going to be a day 1 Full Price game for me since a long, long time.
  14. Finished it yesterday. Trully a magical game and the most fun I've had with a game in a good long while. Now to collect all the coins. I've also bought Cave Story 3DS for my platforming fix.
  15. World 5-2, the Zelda inspired level
  16. Final Fantasy Tactics for the iPad is finally out. Did anyone buy it? Curious about impressions before I pay that amount of money.
  17. Aurelius

    Edge #238

    Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater - 8 Wow!
  18. I hope so. I hated the artstyle and the whole atmosphere of that game.
  19. Sakura Samurai is out in the US Store, doe anybody know when it is expected in Europe?
  20. There are some great games to catch up on the Wii before splurging on a new console. Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Xenoblade Chronicles, Zelda, Okami, Resident Evil 4.
  21. Next time I go camping I want to bring some C4 with me to heat my coffee.
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