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  1. Tempted to try PS3 FES since I'm hooking up my PS3 again to play Yakuza 5 later this year. I tried Persona 3 Portable, but didn't really like not being able to walk around in the world. Why don't hey just make a Persona 3: The Golden damnit!
  2. I'll give it a go this year. Not planning buying much...well, maybe a WiiU.
  3. I'm on Chapter 10, and I'm growing tired of this game.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I gather there is no definitive version of Persona 3. Hopefully Atlus will someday make a golden version. It seems they already have all the building blocks. I will give P3P a try after Final Fantasy X HD. But Im also curious about Corpse Party, Danganronpa and that Akihabara game I will probably have to hide from my wife. Who said the Vita has no games?
  5. So, I really enjoyed playing Persona 4 The Golden. Thinking of getting Persona 3 Portable. Is it just as enjoyable?
  6. Tried Muramasa: Rebirth. Look absolutly gorgeous, but the gameplay is a bit boring.
  7. After getting my 3DS I burned through Ace Attorney, Fire Emblem and Zelda: A Link Between Time in what seemed like no time at all. Now playing Bravely Default. I'm enjoying it but it does drag on, it feels like I've been on Chapter 2 forever...
  8. Do you have a link for that guide? I might as well give up on the localization and just import the game.
  9. Picked up Everybody’s Golf. Really nice, reminds me a lot of Tiger Woods of old. But at Pro level it gets really difficult. Currently struggling with the 18 hole tournament. One bad play can really destroy your score.
  10. The PSN version is PS3 only? I want to play it on Vita.
  11. Totally stuck at the Temple of War. The room with the horizontal and vertical red vines.
  12. Currently working my way through Gravity Rush and Walking Dead S1. What a great console!
  13. Ow for fuck's sake. I bought it yesterday morning for €17,99.
  14. So, is Spelunky still coming out this month?
  15. Just ordered a 3DS XL black with Fire Emblem. Planning on downloading Sakura Samurai and Attack of the Friday Night Monsters! Would really love to see a new Metroid and Advance Wars on the system. But until then, there are enough games to keep me busy.
  16. Finished the US version yesterday evening. Such a great game.
  17. Just finished Persona 4 The Golden. There is an empty space in my life and heart now. Such a great game.
  18. I'll join again too after loosing track in the final months of last year...and spending around €500 in december on a Vita and a bunch of games. My Expenditure January - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - €15 (sold) Current total: - €15
  19. What ever happened to the remote play patch for Tokyo Jungle? I can see myself playing that game on the Vita.
  20. So, Valkyria Chronicles 2, is it available/working or not?
  21. That's looks amazing. We are never getting this game are we?
  22. After finally finishing Blood Money last weekend I immidiatly preordered Absolution! Cannot wait for more agent 47!
  23. Just a couple of chapters in, but really enjoying it so far.
  24. Is there some special pre-order DLC in Europe? Amazon.com is offering the Martial Arts Pack in the states which sounds very cool.
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