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  1. One more day...really looking forward to this. I love turnbased strategy games, but good ones are so rare on consoles these days!
  2. Well, the americans get it tomorrow. So that leaves us untill friday to read reviews and make up our minds.
  3. Also getting it. Bit worried about the time limits in missions though.
  4. TGS Livestream going on now. - Lullaby minigame. - Spearfishing great whites - Webcam sex.
  5. Either way, I'm importing this one. Hopefully their will be a nice fan translation.
  6. Yomawari is still coming out next month too right?
  7. Following TGS, and it looks like I might have to dust of my Vita for Dragon Quest Builders and World of Final Fantasy. These look like perfect games to play during my commute to work.
  8. The puzzel with the two pressure pads?
  9. That would be great. Ace Attorney 6 is really tempting me to get a 3DS now. But I want to save my money, and goodwill of the wife, to buy an NX.
  10. It's going to be on sale for 20 euro on PSN. Tempted to pick this game up to keep me occupied untill XCom 2 comes out.
  11. Yes! Die Cyberdemon! Took me half a dozen tries since I spend all my BFG ammo on the first part of the fight! Now to try to get those last two ruines.
  12. Cannot wait to play this!
  13. Started tackling my Vita backlog today. First up: Danganropa.
  14. After screwing myself over royally on Hard in Yakuza 3 (Saejima section), I usually go for Normal now. "Regular" fights are a bit too easy, but there are usually one or two bosses that give me problems.
  15. Thanks for the tips, I got reasonably good at it. But by that time I had reached the finale and I was so invested in the story that I just blew through it. Amazing! Now begins the long wait for Yakuza 0/Kiwani/6.
  16. Almost finished Chapter 4 of Yakuza 5. It is dragging a bit now, and I'm not really getting the hang of baseball.
  17. Aurelius

    Edge #291

    Nice. Might buy it digitally for a long plane ride to Tokyo next week.
  18. I spend half an hour trying to get an Hatsune Miku figurine out of the UFO Catcher at Club Sega.
  19. Man, this has been too long! Even though I played all the previous games, I totally forgot how to fight and got my ass handed to me at the club! It was also good to be back in Fukuoka. Really feeling nostalgic now!
  20. FFS. It didn't show up for me in the store this morning. And I wanted to start the download before leaving for work.
  21. Being a bit indecisive about what to play next. Thinking of picking up Sleeping Dogs, since I really enjoyed GTAV en de Yakuza games. The Honk Kong setting is appealing.
  22. Finished Counterspy last night (it was on sale for € 5), such a great little game which oozes atmosphere.
  23. I couldn't get into Danganronpa. The setting and the stereotype characters just didn't appeal to me. And I loved Phoenix Wright and Persona 4!
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