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  1. Perfect for the Switch! I hope they got rid of the structure of the first game, where you have to start all over each chapter.
  2. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is coming out on august 1st for PS4. Other then that, I'll be buying Yakuza Kiwami and Everybody's Golf.
  3. Damnit, whole game went quite smooth, but I'm struggling in the final? dungeon. My party keeps getting brainwashed after which my main character gets wiped out. Usually when I'm 3 flours in without a savepoint. Any tips?
  4. Just finished A Gentleman in Moscow. Wonderfull book.
  5. As a 42 year old father of two young children (18 and 1 months), I can see the appeal of the Switch. And I’m a huge Zelda fan! It’s good to read that people in a similar situation are positive about the console. For now, I still need to finish Yakuza 0 and I want to play NiER: Automata and Persona 5. But I’m seriously considering getting a Switch by the end of the year. Hopefully there will be some more games, a hardware revision and a price cut by then.
  6. Aurelius

    Yakuza 0

    How do I start the cabaret stuff? I've reached Chapter 7 but I only see a main quest indicator, and I cannot enter the Cabaret Club.
  7. Any word how this plays through remote play? With the birth of my second child and the visit of my (Japanese) mother-in-law, this might be the only way for me to experience this game.
  8. I went through a rough divorce around the time Final Fantasy XIII came out. It was a shit game anyway, so I don't feel like I miss much associating it with bad memories.
  9. Me neither. Gave up on both FES en P3P. I hope that they make a new version combining the best elements of these two games someday.
  10. I did all the hunts and dance battles too. Yakuza games really trigger my OCD, but I still wind up finishing them in the 30%-40% range somehow. Probably because I usually don't do all the mini-games. I like Yakuza 3 the best. It's that whole orphanage/Okinawa setting.
  11. I found that both Saejima en Haruka's chapters dragged on a bit too long. It picks up again after that. Especially when all the characters come together for the last act.
  12. My boy is almost 18 months now. Too young to play games, but I am planning on buying a Switch by the end of the year to slowly expose him too it.
  13. I didn't know that. I'll wait for that version then.
  14. This is so recognisable. I gave up too, after watching the premiere It really became a shore to tune in each week. My wife still enjoys it though, so I kinda watch while I'm on the iPad. Negan is such a caricature of a villain, and each weeks they just seem to reinforce that image and dragging the show along untill the unavoidable showdown with Rick. It became boring. I really liked it better when the zombies were the enemies, not the humans.
  15. I'll wait a bit longer to see if they are going to make a proper Vita version, if not I will play it through remote play.
  16. I would play Yakuza 4, just to experience playing with 4 main characters. And the story is quite good. Yakuza 5 is more of the same, but I found it dragged on too much is some spots. After this you can play Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 6 in full current gen goodness.
  17. So. is this like a futuristic Demons Souls?
  18. It doesn't. That's why I stopped playing the demo.
  19. I stopped after two hour after laying the groundworks for an epic keep. Than I realized I would have to start all over again when I buy the game. Loved it!
  20. I'll get it at some point, but I fell in love with the DQ Builders demo.
  21. Loving it! It's hard, but throwing grenades at everything that moves got me through the first couple of missions!
  22. Actually thinking of combining this, with Darkest Dungeon during my commute. Or is that too much tactical goodness?
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