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  1. I kind of want to try it first. Any word of a demo?
  2. Has the western version been comfirmed yet? Only Yakuza game I have never played.
  3. Phoenix Wright - Spirit of Justice is out on iOS! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/phoenix-wright-ace-attorney-spirit-of-justice/id1248661960?mt=8 Only one I haven"t played yet! (sold my 3DS before it came out).
  4. What kind of person doesn't get excited to be able to play portable DOOM?
  5. Hands-on impressions of Mario from Gamescon were very positive, so I'm sure Nintendo have another winner on their hands.
  6. True. I’m really feeling it this year. Having limited time and budget due to the birth of my second son has really forced me to make careful choices about what to buy. I only go for great SP games that offer a unique experience and don’t have bullshit like microtransactions and season passes. So far, that means that this year I have only bought the Yakuza games, NiER and Persona 5. Would love to get a Switch with Zelda, but that’s been postponed until I’ve ran out of stuff to play on my PS4.
  7. Personal opinion. I loved the first one, it was an unexpected great game that I discovered through word of mouth. And I'm sure the sequel will be a good game too. I'm just not sure it can meet their expectation, especially if you see the amount of marketing money they are throwing at it.
  8. Unlike the previous games, they already have the translation (subtitles, menus) available for this one. So it should be easy and cheap to bring it to the West. I just hope that the sales numbers of Yakuza 0, Kiwami and Yakuza 6 make it worthwhile for them.
  9. Somehow, I have a feeling that all those sequels are going to dissappoint saleswise. Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Wolfenstein 2, Destiny 2, SW: Battlefront 2, etc. They either expect too much, added too much monetization crap or underestimate how dissapointed people where with some the previous games.
  10. So, bought all of the Yakuza games day 1. Kiwami got delivered yesterday. And now it's back to waiting for the announcement of Kiwami 2 in the West.
  11. I haven't really followed the news, but I did enjoy Everybody's Golf on the PS Vita. Is there enough SP content? I don't really feel like renewing my PS+ subscription.
  12. Yakuza 0 is a prequel. It’s a stand alone story, but it sets up Yakuza 1/Kiwami, gives it more depth. If you compare them to Star Wars; Yakuza 0 is Rogue One, while Kiwami is A New Hope. Y0 is the perfect place to start.
  13. I’m still playing Yakuza 0, but I’ve pre-ordered Yakuza Kiwami. I will probably play it at a later date after Yakuza 6. I’m a day 1 Yakuza gamer. I’ve played all of them. Yakuza 1 for the first time on the PS2 at E3 2005(?), where it still had subtitles! But even with the godawful translation, I enjoyed the final game tremendously. I’m still amazed that we are getting 3 Yakuza games in a time frame of 15 months. I remember waiting 3 years just to get Yakuza 5!
  14. P4G is actually perfect for a second playthrough when you want to take your time. But P4 Vanilla is perfectly fine to experience the game the first time, you still get the core experience with an amazing story and great characters.
  15. I have played both (PS2 and PSVita) and really enjoyed them. P4G is the more complete experience, with new music, new locations, some new activities and a new character.
  16. Just do it, P4G is worth it. Alternatively, you could also get a PS Vita TV and play it that way.
  17. This seems right up my alley. This game, and Blades of the Shogun and Cities Skyline, are really triggering my PC nostalgia. Little bit overpriced though, so I will wait for a sale.
  18. Perfect for the Switch! I hope they got rid of the structure of the first game, where you have to start all over each chapter.
  19. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is coming out on august 1st for PS4. Other then that, I'll be buying Yakuza Kiwami and Everybody's Golf.
  20. Damnit, whole game went quite smooth, but I'm struggling in the final? dungeon. My party keeps getting brainwashed after which my main character gets wiped out. Usually when I'm 3 flours in without a savepoint. Any tips?
  21. Just finished A Gentleman in Moscow. Wonderfull book.
  22. As a 42 year old father of two young children (18 and 1 months), I can see the appeal of the Switch. And I’m a huge Zelda fan! It’s good to read that people in a similar situation are positive about the console. For now, I still need to finish Yakuza 0 and I want to play NiER: Automata and Persona 5. But I’m seriously considering getting a Switch by the end of the year. Hopefully there will be some more games, a hardware revision and a price cut by then.
  23. Aurelius

    Yakuza 0

    How do I start the cabaret stuff? I've reached Chapter 7 but I only see a main quest indicator, and I cannot enter the Cabaret Club.
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