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  1. Seeing the animé fanservice in those screenshots, I can see the appeal of playing this in handheld mode out of sight of my wife.
  2. Onomichi must be one of the best locations I ever visited in a game. So charming. Feels like a town from a JRPG, including weird locals en quests.
  3. You don't need to spend it. But the second part of the quest didn't triggered for me until I had enough money to buy the picture.
  4. They didn't cut that much out. Just the hostess minigame and an obscure Japanese history quiz.
  5. Chapter 3, just arrived in Onomichi. What a great change of scenery. Looking forward beating up the locals. But I have to say, so far Kiryu is making some bad parenting choices.
  6. Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami are essential since they lay the foundations for the rest of the series. You get to know Haruka and Kiryu, the Tojo clan, etc. Yakuza 2 is quite self contained. I've never played it but looking forward to Kiwami 2. Yakuza 3 introduces the orphanage in Okinawa, Yakuza 4 and 5 some main (playable) cast members. Both make an appearance in Yakuza 6. But the stories are all quite self contained. It's basically "I thought I was out, but they keep dragging me back in". I think you can play 6 after Kiwami without much trouble. There are some references you might miss, but they are not really that important.
  7. Also got it for €15,99 in the sale. Will play after I'm done with Yakuza 6.
  8. Still have Kiwami laying around, and I am planning on buying Kiwami 2. But I can already tell it's going to be difficult going back to those games after Yakuza 6.
  9. Also did Live Chat yesterday...it's certainly something else.
  10. Loving it, but why is it that every Yakuza game, I feel like I have to relearn the fighting system? This time, it seems that crowd control is more important, since random enemies are more aggressive. Instead of waiting their turn like previous games, they gang up you and throw bits of scenery at you. It seems to be a bit more difficult to get into heat mode, you have to activate it pressing R2. Is there a move list somewhere? I missed a tutorial about disarming enemies while fighting the very first gang of triad members. Also, the Buffalo wing seller is mad at me after I trashed his shop during a fight and won't sell me anything. Does this reset after a while?
  11. Planning on buying a Switch with Zelda soon. Is the DLC worth it? And what is a good time to buy it, together with the game as a season pass or after finishing the main game?
  12. Gravity Rush 2 I love the first game on the PS Vita, and while the sequel on the PS4 looks amazing, it's not grabbing me so much. The (side) quest are just too boring and repetitive. Collecting gems feels like a shore this time. I got it on sale, so It's not a big lost. But still dissapointing.
  13. Started last time, and so many feels already (even though it's mostly through cutscenes). After spending so much time in Yakuza 0 it's so nice to continu the main story line and seeing all the main characters again.
  14. I'm also considering picking up a Switch this summer. I plan to mostly play at home in handheld mode, and sometimes take it with me on my commute. I want to go digital only. What size memory card would be recommended? And is a screen protector and carrying case necessary? Should I get a pro controller for the occasional play on the TV, or are the joycons good enough?
  15. Somehow, I’m looking forward to exploring the quiet port city of Onomichi the most. I loved Okinawa in Yakuza 3, but even that was kind of a big city setting. Also curious if I can find the JR pass I lost at Kosanji Temple when I visited Onomichi back in 2010. Thankfully it was the last day of my trip, but I still had to buy a very expansive Shinkansen ticket back to Tokyo. Ha, memories…
  16. Same here. I've been on board since Yakuza 1 on the PS2. The long wait for Yakuza 5 was the worst. I really thought we had seen the last of this series in the west after Yakuza 4.
  17. GoW is not even in the same league as Yakuza 6. Cannot wait to finish Kiryu's Saga.
  18. Aurelius

    Far Cry 5

    Reminds me of the respawning guards at the checkpoints in FC2. That got really annoying, really fast. Like all Ubi games, this is a "in two years all patched up GOTY-edition for €20 game" for me.
  19. I was waiting for this! Time to renew my subscription!
  20. Bought this game in the PSN Sale last week. Having a lot of fun. Currently Rank 2. I don’t understand all the mechanics yet but I do feel I am slowly getting better. Got my first Eagle yesterday!
  21. Didn't MGS already get remade as a level in MGSIV? Hopefully it's Demons Souls. Loved that game but was never able to finish it because my PS3 broke. By that time the PS4 was already out so I didn't bother replacing it.
  22. Waiting for a Switch or iOS announcement before getting excited.
  23. Also played the demo last night, and I loved it. I agree that it’s not a friendly demo for first time players. But as a long time Yakuza fan I am stoked to finish Kiryu’s story. So many feels seeing the orphanage and Haruki again. I’m happy they are toning down the scale for this final part of the story. Yakuza 4 and 5 got way too convoluted for my taste with overcomplicated plots and multiple playable characters. This has mostly been Kiryu’s story for the last 10 years, and it’s fitting it ends with him. I thought the new engine looked great. It’s so nice to be able to walk into shops or get into combat without loading screens. The menu’s and map got a nice update too and are a lot more practical to use. It all feels a bit more like a GTA or The Witcher. And one of my crushs (Yoko Maki) is in it. I didn’t notice the world was less detailed than previous games. It’s true that Yakuza 0 had trash everywhere, but I think that was an 80’s thing. None of the other games had it. Tokyo is very clean too these days.
  24. Any news on the PS Vita version? I want to play this game!
  25. Thanks, but I can only play games on my PS4.
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