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  1. There are a lot of bugs in Rainbow Six 3 and it’s follow up Black Arrow. Also the graphics are very poor comparted to games like Splinter Cell and Riddick. But, despite of this, I’m still enjoying the hell out of it!
  2. Those old Lucasarts adventure games are great! That when the company was at the top of its game (before they started stamping the Star Wars logo on everything with a pulse). I still have found memories of Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and, most off all, the Secret of Monkey Island games.
  3. -shame- I still haven’t played this game, one which console do you recon I should play it? On the Gamecube (version supplied with Windwaker) or on the N64 (original version). I really enjoy LttP on the GBA en Zelda:WW on the GC.
  4. Ok, I’m a complete newbie when it comes to mobile phones. But my old Nokia as just passed away and it’s time for a new one! And as a gamer it would be cool to have some nice game ringtones. My questions are: 1. What model phone would you recommend? I see that most ringtones are in MIDI format. 2. How do I get the ringtones from my PC to my phone?
  5. I’m still going to buy it, just because I had so much fun with the 2004 edition. The new My Golfer options sound excellent and new courses are always welcome! The game is just so much fun, it combines arcade golf with Gran Turismo and Barbie. Must have more % skills…must by new watch… But it is a shame if TW2005 wouldn’t support Live. Thankfully I can stil play one on one with a mate of mine but full online championships would have been excellent!
  6. I bought mine for Resident Evil and Resident Evil. I also bought Zelda:WW, Metroid Prime and Super Monkey Ball which I all enjoyed very much. But now I’m just waiting for Resident Evil 4 and the new Zelda. I don’t think I’ll by any other games for it.
  7. Ik loved Battle Royale, but I thing I'll skip this one.
  8. Both films have there strong and weak points. Romero’s original moves at a slower pace and has an underlying theme which casts a critical eye at consumerism. Also the characters have much more personality, you really care if they live or die. The remake as some plot holes you could drive a truck through and most of the characters have no real purpose than to serve as zombie-fodder. But it’s a fun movie! It as lots of gore and sick set pieces (the chainsaw, the baby), the camera work is excellent (from the hectic first 10 minutes to the “Saving Private Ryan” style at the end) and fast zombies are definitely scarier! Also it’s one of those movie were you can get really worked up because of the stupidity of the characters who act like they never saw a zombie movie. “Hey, this lady has been bitten, lets examine her by standing inches from her face”. You can see that the makers had fun and didn’t take it to seriously. But you don’t need to choose between both movies. Both are more than worth watching!
  9. Terrific news! I've canceled my R2 order and I'm going to wait for the R1 release of the Director's Cut! I love the original Dawn of the Dead and I had my doubts about the remake. But it's even better than the original! My best movie of 2004.
  10. The only feature worth buying it for actually.
  11. Official UK box art Official US box art Spot the differences.
  12. Monkey Island, Le Chuck's Theme.
  13. And they decided to come naked instead of wearing some kind of protective suit. But we are talking about a race that managed to cross thousands of light years of space to reach earth only to have to use grain circles to help them navigate. It was a shit movie.
  14. When is the DVD Box-set coming out? Season 5 is over in the US isn’t it?
  15. Wasn’t there talk of Tarantino directing a Casino Royal remake (based on the book, not the shitty movie)?
  16. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. The gameplay of MGS really hasn’t aged well.
  17. The scariest games that I played were probably Resident Evil, Silent Hill en System Shock. But the scariest moment by far happened while playing Halo! It was the level were you first meet The Flood. Nothing scary at first, I just shot all of them. But when I turned around to leave the room there was one of those zombie type thingies standing right next to me, doing nothing (bug?)! It scared the shit out of me and I must have emptied half a dozen of clips killing it!
  18. Dawn of the Dead was good. So was The Ring.
  19. It's produced bij Sam Rami and has the same director as the Japanese original film, Takashi Shimizu. So it could be quite good. *trying not to remember the remake of The Vanishing*
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