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  1. Drive My Car 


    Buried somewhere in the overlong running time (it’s longer than Dune!) and layers of pretentiousness was actually quite a moving story about dealing with grief and guilt. I was a lot better than the last film I saw based on a book by Murakami, Norwegian Wood. That one put me to sleep.



  2. On 18/11/2021 at 12:23, Luseth said:

    I'd love an OLED model but the missus would kill me as i'm meant to be reserving my money for when she goes over on maternity next year :( I'm still buying games for my switch though so may just hold back on playing a select few for when I can get a new model.

    Trade your old one in for an OLED model with the same color joycons. That's what I did. 


  3. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Advance Wars 1+2 and Metroid Dread for Switch. Back 4 Blood and/or Aliens Fireteam for Playstation 4 to play co-op with friends. Really interested in Psychonauts 2, but I'm not buying anything else that comes out this year on my Playstation until I replace it with a PS5 (or Xbox series X) in 2022-2023.

  4. Finished Yakuza Kiwami 2. It was epic. Although the final fight was a bit underwhelming because I hoarded health items and weapons (like I do in every other Yakuza game).


    So, starting with Yakuza 1 on PS2 in 2006, I have now played every game in the Kiryu Kazuma Saga (0-6). 

    When I get an Xbox series X or PS5, I will continu with Judgment and Like a Dragon. 

  5. Getting near the end of Yakuza 2. Getting a bit burned out with the side activities, but the main story is great. Love Kaoru Sayama. Why didn't we get more of her in other games or even a spin-off (don't spoil me if she dies)? 



    Also nice to spend time with Haruka again. But damn, that girl is tough. Kidnapped again, seeing a guy cut in half and thrown out of a window before her eyes. But she still want to go eat gyoza with Uncle Kiryu.


  6. 2 hours ago, Calashnikov said:

    I wouldn’t give up on Kiwami 2, I don’t remember it suffering from the same BS difficulty as some of the other earlier games in the series. Kiwami 2 got the full brand new Dragon Engine facelift, so pretty fucking modernised to the standards of 6 and Judgment (and I guess Yak:LaD?). Try it again.

    I didn’t know Kiwami 2 uses the same engine as 6. I loved that one! I will give it a try. 

  7. Oh boy, the Yakuza Kiwami games are really rough after playing Yakuza 0 and 6. Decided to give up on those.


    I’ve already played the whole series from Yakuza 0 to 6. Yakuza 1 and 2 I’ve played on the PS2. So storywise I’m not missing anything.

    Kiwami feels a bit too much like an HD remaster instead of a proper remake. It looks good (apart from the huge hands on the character models, what’s up with that?) but feels a bit dated. Quests are fetchy, animation a bit stiff.

    I think I am done with the Saga of Kiryu Kazuma. Time to move on to part 7. Or maybe Judgement. Is that a good one? I’ve never played a game outside of the main series.

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