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  1. Any chance of this game getting an update for next-gen consoles?
  2. I watched it too. I thought it was great. Not a minute wasted.
  3. Anybody watches Terrace House? One of the contestants (Hana) committed suicide last night.
  4. It might be my favorite too. Lots of nostalgia, story is great and Onomichi is my favorite town in all the games. Really has that JRPG vibe to it.
  5. Large dutch webshops (Bol, MM) are changing their delivery date to 4-4. https://twitter.com/bol_com/status/1245648255372783617
  6. If you pre-order digitally, can you also pre-load? I was going to go physical because of the rumored 100GB install, but cannot leave the house in the foreseable future.
  7. I tried it on the Vita, but never could get past the whole visual novel look. It lost a lot of the charme I thought.
  8. After giving the demo another go, the "normal" combat really clicked with me. Still got a bit confused sometimes, but overall I felt more in control than the first time.
  9. Thinking of getting the DLC just to see where I went (and didn't go) on the map.
  10. They never made P3 FES playable on the Playstation 4 did they? A well, maybe on the Playstation 5...
  11. I need to finish it. Defeated the 4 beasts but then got distracted by other games.
  12. Couldn't resist going for that final prepper before starting the FFVII demo, and I five starred him! Went quicker then I thought. Now tempted to Platinum te game. I played through on normal difficulty though.
  13. Yeah, I would have started coughing too. If they don't believe me, they can come and check.
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