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  1. Just bought it for my kids (5 and 7) since it's discounted on the eStore now.
  2. Didn’t they announced a remaster for P3 a while ago? I’ll wait for that one. Although a third replay of P4 is tempting.
  3. No idea if it means anything, but I was able to add the game to my wishlist again today.
  4. Drive My Car Buried somewhere in the overlong running time (it’s longer than Dune!) and layers of pretentiousness was actually quite a moving story about dealing with grief and guilt. I was a lot better than the last film I saw based on a book by Murakami, Norwegian Wood. That one put me to sleep. 3/5
  5. OMG! I finally managed to find/order one!
  6. Managed to grab a Switch OLED. Still not able to find a PS5.
  7. Tempted by Horizon Chase for €4,99. But really hoping for a sale on The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.
  8. Trade your old one in for an OLED model with the same color joycons. That's what I did.
  9. With these stakes, I would just buy 1 month of PS Plus and upload the savegame to the cloud.
  10. CIV6. Hard to explain without it feeling overwhelming. So many mechanics. No, you can play as The Romans and nuke the Aztecs.
  11. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Advance Wars 1+2 and Metroid Dread for Switch. Back 4 Blood and/or Aliens Fireteam for Playstation 4 to play co-op with friends. Really interested in Psychonauts 2, but I'm not buying anything else that comes out this year on my Playstation until I replace it with a PS5 (or Xbox series X) in 2022-2023.
  12. How big is the difference with PS4 (Pro)? Is it worth holding out for next-gen?
  13. Just as well. They were on pace for zero viewers next year.
  14. Looking forward to playing this with my five and four year olds. Apparently it's also fun in a kind of co-op mode. One person looks around, the other one operates the shutter. https://soranews24.com/2021/04/28/hands-on-with-new-pokemon-snap-is-the-poke-photo-game-fun-to-play-with-your-kids/
  15. Also, I can now understand better why people were disappointed with Yakuza 3 (which was my favorite until Yakuza 6). Such a shame they didn’t do more with Kaoru Sayama in later games. Loved her.
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