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  1. The hate that AJ gets is utterly baffling. As PeteBrant said, he's probably got the best CV out of the current crop of heavyweights. Fury has Klitschko and Wilder and then his next best opponent is probably Derek Chisora (9 defeats on his record). His last two fights have been against truly subpar opposition and he struggled massively against Otto Wallin, a fighter not even ranked in the top 50. Wilder's best? Fury and Ortiz (Who is allegedly in his 50's). After that, probably Brezeale and then it really is slim pickings. Not to say that AJ beats either of them, but this narrative that he's being protected or that his record is padded is completely ridiculous when the level of his opposition has generally been far tougher than those guys, and with far fewer fights too. Plus, going right after a rematch against a guy who completely dismantled you in the previous fight, is not playing it safe. Joshua was superb last night and completely nullified Ruiz's offence by keeping him at distance with a really effective jab and some surprisingly good footwork and lateral movement. There were two occasions in which AJ deviated from the plan and let Ruiz close the distance and step inside, and the moment he traded hooks, he came off second best, so forget the excuses, Ruiz has always been heavy and out of shape, this win was entirely down to a very disciplined, intelligent and consistent performance from Joshua. Ruiz has spent his entire career fighting in the same way. Short bursts of punches and combos and looping overheads, usually in the pocket because of his size disadvantage. And he's had a lot of success with his style because it's incredibly hard to keep someone at distance with the kind of jab output that AJ used last night.
  2. It was the Bantamweight World Boxing Series final today between Nonito Donaire vs Noaya Inoue and it is undoubtedly the fight of the year. An all time classic for sure and if there was any doubt previously, Donaire has secured his place in the Hall of Fame. Inoue could be on his way to being P4P best boxer on the planet too. Well worth a watch if you get a chance. Chris Lloyd on commentary was great too as I usually hate Adam Smith and the Sky Box Office commentary team.
  3. This is incredible. Just ridiculously cinematic and evocative! Amazing stuff.
  4. Apparently no broken bones and he's being treated for facial lacerations. Expected to make a full recovery but I'm not sure if that extends to being able to box again. He's one of my favourite fighters so really hope he pulls through! https://www.skysports.com/boxing/news/12183/11832650/errol-spence-jr-expected-to-make-full-recovery-after-car-crash
  5. A few recent shots using Ektar 100 film, which might just be my new favourite film
  6. That's also a really stunning shot! Thanks for the advice, super useful. I bought a Reciprocity app which gives recommended timings for just about every film type, so hopefully that should help too. I was going to do exactly what you've suggested actually and bring along my A7SII to take care of exposure readings, but the Mamiya 645 is pretty chunky as is, so I've just picked up a Minolta Auto Finder IV light meter with the viewfinder II 10 degree attachment which coverts it into a spot meter, all for around £45! Still a bit of a faff but definitely lighter than carrying around a DSL with a lens and gives me the added benefit of also having a nice, vintage light meter for skin tones etc.
  7. Oh that is lovely! Very useful to know, thanks Ste. What app are you using? I'll give it a go!
  8. A question to all film and medium format shooters: Apologies if that has been answered a million times, but I want to start getting into long exposure photography using my Mamiya 645 Pro TL. I have a shutter release cable and a few decent tripods, I'm just short of a light meter, which in truth I probably should've bought a while back. Since it's mostly going to be used for taking shots of the city and landscapes, any recommendations for an an affordable meter? Cheers! EDIT - And while I'm here... the little plastic thing has somehow come off my shutter speed dial on my Mamiya. Anyone know what kind of glue I'd be safe to use to put it back on? Looks like I need plastic to metal. Tiny amount should do it. Just to make it clear what I'm talking about. It's the bit that goes in the middle of the dial. Without: With:
  9. A few recent pics on a Mamiya 645 and using Fuji Colour Pro 400 film.
  10. Great match. Fair play to Djokovic. I think Federer deserved that, but it's about winning the points when it matters.
  11. Ugh, I can't stand tiebreaks. Does Federer have a losing record in them? Feels like it!
  12. I love Djokovic, but he doesn't deserve to be winning this. Federer has been incredible.
  13. Federer's level has dropped massively. Not capitalising on those break points seems to have really affected him.
  14. Nope, my freezer is frost central so that could be the issue. Might be time to clean it out! I love the look of CineStill so I'm hopping the spots are a one time deal!
  15. Well I took two rolls out with me and used both, but didn't open the second roll of Cinestill for a few hours after we began filming (Around three hours after taking it out of the freezer), so I'm not entirely sure if that would be enough time, but definitely a possibility! Thanks man!
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