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  1. Can I be added to the club please? Gamertag is SaintRG.
  2. Yes, it's available to buy right now on the UK eShop.
  3. Saint


    Speaking of the 'graze' system, would I be right in thinking Danmaku Unlimited 3 has a similar system?
  4. Saint


    Ooh nice! I too still have PS2 Psyvariar (packed away in a dusty box). Looking forward to playing it again on a current gen console.
  5. Saint


    No worries @VN1X , I’m calling it a night too. Cheers for the games @DC LEMON @Junker. I’ll hopefully make it on this weekend for the Party Crash.
  6. Saint


    Agreed about the 1v1v1 tonight being a highlight. Against randoms I find them no fun at all, but some of tonight's were really tense, close games, and they always felt fairly balanced in that it wasn't simply 2 ganging up against 1 (as happens to me with randoms). I even had a 1v1v1 draw! Don't think I'd seen that before. Edit: @VN1X @Fallows
  7. Saint


    Great games, cheers all. Thanks @Fallows for setting it up.
  8. Saint


    I’m hoping to get on at 10pm.
  9. What just happened.
  10. Saint


    Sounds like a plan, though I wouldn't be able to get on until after the Arsenal game (10pm).
  11. @ZOK Have you played Crypt of the Necrodancer? I've put a scary amount of time into that since I bought it recently, and I'd rank it right up there with Gungeon. Just. One. More Go. As for Gungeon I'm still yet to get any further then the 4th boss (30hrs playtime and counting).
  12. Saint

    Nintendo Switch

    @Stanshall First post of this thread
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