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  1. Top it off with some Bluestorm wave action and add a spot of Avalanche drifting to finish.

    Sounds good to me.

    My idea of a great evening Valiant.

    If you are ever down in Kent,make sure you PM me and we can meet up :(

  2. Couldn't agree more. The best film of its type since Gattaca.

    Beware of all the teasers on the advert doing the rounds at the moment. Far too much info is given away.


    What a film.

    Must watch that again,been far too long.

  3. I thought it was pretty average. The plot was ok, the acting good but too obvious from the beginning. Don't know what's on the dvd.

    Double disc set,with 230 mins of extras on the second disc.

    Although this comprises of interviews with each actor in the film.

    Thought it was much better than 'average' and the acting of Jeremy Northam makes the film in my opinion.

    Loads of nice Hitchcock homages in it as well.

  4. The album is ok but seems to hang around the singles.Long Time Coming is one of my favourite tunes of the year so far,and I have to support them as they come from hometown,even if they do look like a bunch of indie student throwbacks.

    Well worth downloading off of Soulseek if you want to hear it.

  5. So there I was listening to XFM tonight when they play the Magnet single,the cover of Lay Lady Lay,and so I think about ordering it from Amazon.

    But lo and behold Soulseek has it ready to download,and so I do.

    Is the album as good as this cover version,because I will buy it if you recommend it.

    Add into being able to hear the Delays album way before its released and Soulseek becomes indispensible.

    God bless them :D

  6. BTW - that "Quiet Earth" movie, is it the one where they explain everyone dying on "the mass of the electron fluctuating" or something? I'm pretty sure I saw that on BBC2 a few years back.

    Yes,everyone dies of a scientific experiment,and the only people who survive are the ones who die at the exact moment that the experiment takes place and thus very few people are alive afterwards.

    Great end sequence.

    And you can pick the DVD up from Play very cheaply,but the quality isn't all that.

  7. The Quiet Earth

    Everytime there's an "I am Legend" thread I mention this, then someone say's the book's much better etc...

    Not enough vampires, I guess :D

    Is there a book on this wonderful film?I have an old copy on VHS and bought the dodgy Region 0 version recently,in all its 4:3 goodness ;)

    And yes there,have been two film versions of I am Legend,but none of them meet the majesty of the book

  8. Absolute class.This film ranks up there with the best in my opinion.The visual style is superb and Jeremy Northam is superb as the,supposedly,hapless company man.

    I travelled twice into Londo to see this film at the cinema and couldn't wait to buy it,so was extremely grateful when Play sent it to me three days ahead of the release day!

    The only downer is that some people have a problem with the ending but after watching it a few times it does fit in with the general tone of the film.

    This is one of those films I could watch again and again.

  9. Fuck :D

    They WERE going to be attached to the project but backed out.

    Don't forget Will Smith was going to star in Phone Booth until he didn't think the movie would be any good and so declined to star.

    I am Legend is a damn fine book and a damn fine movie just waiting to happen.Just imagine if David Fincher were to film it!

  10. Worth a listen, at very loud volumes :angry:

    Earthbeat Old Skool rave classics (or as described on the website: Techno, Acid House, Breaks) from the Future Sound of London, before they went all ambient ;) A must have!

    Accelerator Future Sound of London's first CD! Great it is too ;)

    Flux Trax Superb compilation of Techno, acid classics :D

    Flux Trax 02 Another superb compilation of even more classics :D

    Have to agree with the Flux Trax recommendations.Absolute class B)

  11. Im STILL playing this great game,which goes some way to show enjoyable it is.

    Hooking up my lovely new home cinema set up is scarily good,just imagine what the poor neighbours must think with all this gunfire going on!

  12. Whats on the cover? The one I saw in Smiths yesterday was largely white with a few obscure symbols if I remember correctly :S

    That is last months issue.This months has a VERY graphic picture from the new Resident Evil game.They have resorted to putting the issue in a bag.

    Seems like the old days

  13. Its good to have him back on the scene.After all,before Lost in Translation we all thought he was never going to record again.

    I just wish My Bloody Valentine could just release an album as good as Loveless again,but that will never happen :P

  14. 'When it Falls' has nowhere as near as many memorable tunes as their first album,and to be honest I found it a little bland in comparison.

    However,this week I sampled its delights whilst smoking some particularly strong homegrown and it all made sense.Its more of a 'vibey' album and sets the mood perfectly for a nice chilled evening.

    Well worth picking up cheap

  15. Must admit to loving this song.Can't believe it is in the top 5 at the moment.Normally me liking a song is the kiss of death!

    Looking forward to hearing more from them.

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