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    'When it Falls' has nowhere as near as many memorable tunes as their first album,and to be honest I found it a little bland in comparison. However,this week I sampled its delights whilst smoking some particularly strong homegrown and it all made sense.Its more of a 'vibey' album and sets the mood perfectly for a nice chilled evening. Well worth picking up cheap
  2. Sorry but will have to disagree there.A fine program that beats most others on at the moment hands down.
  3. Just glad they comissioned a new series already.Missed last weeks but am so looking foward to this weeks episode.Just sounds damn funny.
  4. Got another one... Snow Patrol's Final Straw. Especially Run and How to be Dead.Best £8.99 I spent in the last few weeks.
  5. sofasurfer


    Must admit to loving this song.Can't believe it is in the top 5 at the moment.Normally me liking a song is the kiss of death! Looking forward to hearing more from them.
  6. Sorry mate,keep on forgetting that there is a music folder,just not used to it
  7. Me,at the moment it is Glen Campbell's 'Wichita Lineman' which has always been a favourite but seems oddly appropriate to me at the moment. Especially the line '..and I need you more than want you,and I want you for all time.' So any soundtracks to your moods today?
  8. I know the manager of Dublin.Damn nice bloke
  9. JUst what I was going to say...Is it the Renfrew Street one? Always wanted to go to see what it was like but souless seems to sum it up from people who have been. As for the poor service,isn't that indicative of every UGC you have ever been to?
  10. No its only UGC that currently run the pass. When I worked for them it was touted that they needed 100,000 active pass holders to make the thing profitable and they were just about approaching that figure about 6 months ago.We were told that the other cinema companies were watching to see how UGC did with it and if it were deemed to be successful then they would probably adapt a similar offer.
  11. But wasn't this because Connery wanted to be the action hero again? The film is so bad I fell asleep after 10 minutes and then awake again for the last ten minutes.From what I saw it looked bad but will have to try and watch it again just for the NAutilus in Vienna scene.If its anywhere near as bad as Godzilla hiding in NY's sewer system then I may just piss myself laughing!
  12. Used to be a Manager at UGC so know all the spiele. The pass is called an Unlimited pass and is £9.99 a month. It is a minimum 12 month contract and is either payable as the whole 12 months upfront or 12 monthly instalments of £9.99 by direct debit. Just take two forms of ID with you to your local UGC,one must have an address and one a signature and you will be given a temp card that lasts 28 days.Your proper card will arrive and this is used to swipe at the box office for tickets to performances. Well worth it if you go the cinema more than twice a month. They did some research and found out that the average Unlimited card holder goes to the cinema on average 47 times a year!
  13. sofasurfer

    Tower Records

    Really?So Branson has both Virgin and Tower records?I need confirmation of this as I find it hard to believe that they would sell one of their stores to a rival.
  14. Thats the one,still truly a great game and one that I will never get rid of. Perfect for rainy Sunday afternoons
  15. I had the Megadrive version,and my mate had the Snes version when it originally came out. I don't know why,but I really had problems playing on the Snes one,even though I had completed my version fully.Just something about it didn't 'gell' for me. Jungle Strike was a good laugh though,turning the sound up way too high and scaring the neighbours.I think they thought Apocalypse Now was actually happening,especially when I played Ride of the Valkyries on my stereo! Oh the follies of youth
  16. God I loved these games .Every one I played to death,and loved every unforgiving moment of them. Future Cop LAPD,by the same team,is just superb as well.Played it through once again last year and it hasn't really aged that much.An update would be well worth my money.Shame there are no games currently which feel the same.
  17. sofasurfer


    Really looking forward to playing this game all over again,especially with all of the hidden in-jokes. Recently played it through once again on the PS1 and it is still a damn fine experience. Add in better graphics and you have a must-have Gamecube game.
  18. Cashback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You lucky bleeder!) B)
  19. This has been a staple of my gaming fun for over a month now.Have to recommend this to all retro loving GC owners. Defender and Defender II still rock like a mofo!
  20. Hope you don't mind but I have browsing through your pictures,and they are fascinating! Really enjoyed them on a chilled Sunday afternoon Thanks B)
  21. It just doesn't ring true for me.Anyone here heard of Ron Jonzo?I find it hard to believe that amongst all of us he has seemingly escaped all of our knowledge.Don't think this has really happened on this forum before. If it was real,then it would be worth a bloody fortune though.
  22. sofasurfer


    Mine should arrive tomorrow and I cannot wait to hook it up to my new surround sound system! The weekend will be one fine time
  23. Have had this on the Gamecube since Christmas,and it is good retro fun. The girlfriend used to plat Toobin and so she had professed more of an interest in playing games recently.
  24. That's exactly what I thought of when I read all of the press releases. Think it's a bit Virtual Boy for me,one hell of a gimmick.But then again,I will probably buy it anyway
  25. Had the same problem.Checked my orders and saw I was still going to be charged £17.99 for it,even though they were advertising it for £9.99.Cancelled my order and re-ordered it at the cheaper price.Saved me having to make a phonecall to Play.
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