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  1. Dont know if this has been mentioned but Gameplay have the PSP up for pre-order at £179. http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/webstore/produc...tation_portable Seems a bit pricey when compared to the Japanese price doesn't it?
  2. So how do you do that then?
  3. Im excited now! Been wondering when the new season would start. All I have to do is decide to either download it ahead of the UK TV showing or wait and watch it on Sky (or wherever!) on my lovely new big TV/surround sound combo
  4. Thanks for that. A real trip down memory lane for me.Remember watching it when it first aired and loving it,especially the scene when they tried to get back into the offices to get their stuff back! And £40 then was well dear.The equivalent would be about £100 now!!No wonder the distributor nearly died.
  5. Count me in.Im a sucker for special editions. The only day I dont go to Smiths and they seem to have it already. Typical
  6. What the hell is a suplex??? And read Toatl Films review of Blade:Trinity this afternoon and they said it was crap. Seems like they are going to carry on the franchise with the two new,young,characters.Make it more of a teen franchise.
  7. London Acid City!! What a tune.Lost it to that many times B) Still got the 12" in my loft.
  8. Didnt work for me Just sat there hanging.
  9. Its not working. Damn and blast
  10. Its alive!!! Downloading now Will tell you how it works out Bit drunk after a post-work session so may have skewed judgement,but want to play it dead loud!
  11. Fuck it Im going on Soulseek and downloading all of these bad boys and making a damn fine CD of them. Real good tunes
  12. Hardfloor 'Aceperience' Surely THE definitive 303 track,although all the others mentioned are dead worthy.
  13. Count me in B) Still playing the last one you made and the excitement is killing me waiting for this one!! Will PM you my addy Cheers
  14. I bough the CD and have listened to it twice.My best mate loves it.But then he loves David Gray so no accounting for taste there then I have two female friends who,when we come back from a night out drinking always put it on and sing along. I have to run and hide and drink more beer to try and numb the pain!!
  15. Nobody seems to be seeding. Will leave it open for a while see if it picks up. Really am looking forward to listening to it though B)
  16. Still play Daydream Nation now.Damn fine CD.An expanded CD would be just heaven.
  17. Been trying to download this for days and no joy. Anyone give me any help here? Really want to give it a listen.
  18. Massive Attack's Teardrop. Really poignant and emotive when watching the video that accompanys the song
  19. sofasurfer

    The Trip

    Still playing the second CD of the Snow Patrol CD mix. Addicted to the Husky Rescue track and have ordered the CD off of Play. Is the rest of their stuff as good as Rainbow Flows? I hope so,just really addicted to that trippy track.
  20. They didn't mention them in the review They did in Cube's review
  21. This arrived yesterday and Im scared to load it up. I have too many games on the go at the moment and need to devote some serious time to this game. I just hope it lives up to my expectations
  22. Will help out too. Your last mix was lovely B)
  23. This is another of thos games that I loved,played about a third of the way through and then discarded for something new! Stupid me,really should go bak and lay it again
  24. Same here! Will wait till it gets cheaper than at the moment and then give it a punt. Looks good though
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