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  1. Marillion Kayleigh A guilty secret but one I can live with B)
  2. You have me worried now. The subs department took my credit card details and address. Maybe I should phone them up and check they are sending me the correct mag.
  3. Went to Blockbuster last night and bought this as part of their 5 DVDs for £30. Going to watch it tonight and am really looking forward to it.
  4. Yeah just ask to buy Retro magazine.Make sure you confirm the price is £9.99 so that you are getting the right one. Took a while as the guy on the phone searched on his system and even had to ask colleague about it but they took my details and method of payment. Just have to wait ages now for it to turn up
  5. Thanks for that. Just ordered two Y4K CDs ,including the latest for the bargain price of £11.66. Must resist the temptation to order all of the rest of the Y4K CDs.
  6. You have to be joking surely? Tpau are one of satan's house bands
  7. Yeah saw that. Where do you think my avatar pic is from Not sure its worth bidding on really.
  8. Just tried again with the subs department and if you say the magazine is called Retro then they know what you mean.If you quote GamesTM then they say you have to wait. Just have to wait a few days now to get a copy.
  9. Apparently it is a WHSmith exclusive.Really want one. Cant belive my localSmiths has the Retrogamer mag but not this one. CAn anyone help out a couple of retrogamers in dire need of a mag fix?
  10. Phoned up the subs department and they were not exactly useful Told me cos its a current issue they wont be getting it in for another 14 days Cant really wait for that so could anyone pick me up a copy and I will pay them for it and the postage incurred. Please,I really want to read it and my Smiths dont have it and are a bit useless.
  11. Just subscribed earlier in the week after finding out it was only £2 an issue by DD. Should have done it ages ago
  12. The girlfriend has promised to buy me the first three seasons on DVD for Christmas. Cant wait. Christmas day will be a marathon session
  13. Thanks for that.Havent got a copy of the mag to hand and directory enquiries are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Will phone first thing on Monday for one,but knowing my luck as soon as I have done that my local Smiths will get them in.Happened before with Edge specials.
  14. sofasurfer


    Thought it might have been
  15. Thats what I thought of too PM me your address and I will get them sent off to you during the week. Got three here I can lay my hands on straight away.Not having decks anymore and a baby on the way means I need to get rid of them.Want them to go to a good home.
  16. sofasurfer


    Spaced Out is a damn fine web site and forum http://www.spaced-out.org.uk/ Well worth a look
  17. Tried to download the mix from the first link and it is not working at all now.No file nothing
  18. It is a great mix acid.Still play the CD you sent. Still cant get the link for your new one sorted though.Will give it another try,if not can I have that CD? Cheers BTW Are you into yoshitoshi stuff?Got a few 12's here that need a good home if you want them.
  19. Havent found any yet. The Paragon-GamesTM website is well out of date and only lists the Zelda cover as being the current issue. The Retro section makes no mention of this either. And WHSmiths site is next to useless. Will have to phone the mag on Monday and do it over the phone.
  20. Still havent seen this anywhere. Can it be ordered direct from the mag?
  21. Just plug them into the cartridge slot and then turn the machine on. Easy as that
  22. Just checked my local WHSmiths and they don't have this or the Retro Mag special Really want to get both of them.
  23. Dont know if this has been mentioned but Gameplay have the PSP up for pre-order at £179. http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/webstore/produc...tation_portable Seems a bit pricey when compared to the Japanese price doesn't it?
  24. So how do you do that then?
  25. Im excited now! Been wondering when the new season would start. All I have to do is decide to either download it ahead of the UK TV showing or wait and watch it on Sky (or wherever!) on my lovely new big TV/surround sound combo
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