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  1. 22 hours ago, krenzler said:

    Can we safely assume that Capcom sooner or later will remake RE1 same way as 2 and3? It’s not a far stretch is it? 

    I really hope so, I haven’t played it since the GameCube era and always found it strange they started with the 2 remake.



  2. 6 hours ago, Strafe said:

    The VR optician lenses clip on top of the lenses already in the headset so the scratches would remain.

    Ah, now I see. I thought they completely replaced the original lenses.

  3. 27 minutes ago, geldra said:

    Mine arrived earlier. I only managed a 10 min blast of GT7 but they’re worth every Penny just for the convenience of not having to wear glasses and potentially scratching the VR headset lenses as a result. 

    I don’t really feel like I’ve gained anything in the fov dept tbh but that’s ok. Maybe a bit of fiddling and I’ll be able to dial them in a bit better. 

    Agree with @Eighthoursthat these are a no brainer if you wear gegs like. 

    If one was to scratch the original lenses, could you not just order a set of neutral prescription lenses and use them? I’ve no idea how much they are but I’m guessing it would be more cost effective than a new headset.

  4. The Colin Mcrae PS1 demo that I think came from the Official Magazine was one that me and my best friend spent hours on. IIRC it was one stage that we used to play and try and beat each other's timings. Great days.

  5. I know that the show is ridiculous, but this season has been appalling. I usually look forward to the interviews but apart from a couple of stand out moments it’s been dull. It’s turned into a pantomime version of an already, obviously scripted show with only Claude being entertaining whilst Karren is being cast in the role of villain. Insisting they call her Baroness is properly cringe inducing.


    The candidates in the final five have awful business ideas and plans and I’m sure a previous winner had a pick’n’mix idea. It seems as if they’ve run out of ideas and are just regurgitating previous ones in the hope we don’t notice.


    The BBC seem to have given up as well, as unless I’ve missed them, there are no supplementary shows such as The Final Five where we actually find out about the candidates.


    The actual final should be entertaining in a properly toe curling way if the trailer is anything to go by. 


  6. 6 minutes ago, Capwn said:

    Anyone know the run time of the next episode? 

    46 minutes apparently. I'm not sure how it will not feel rushed as they have so much to get through including 


    showing how Ellie is immune in flashback form.

    It's going to be a long wait until season 2.

  7. Just now, Bingox said:


    You may already have done this - but there is a sensitivity setting for the play area warning. Low sensitivity should reduce number of warnings.

    Yeah, done that but i'm 6ft 4 with long arms and even on the lowest sensitivity it still triggers the warning when I really reach out whilst climbing. 

  8. I wish you could manually increase the temporary play area as even though I have it on the largest setting when I'm climbing in Horizon I keep on triggering the red circle as I reach for a hand hold. Maybe it's a problem with having long arms but an update so I can expand it would be welcome.


    As for the image quality being better, I found it no different and movement in Horizon seems more blurry. Maybe I need to play around with how the headset sits on my head.

  9. Finally got around to playing Horizon and bloody hell it's a looker. I'm still seeing the port hole effect but I can live with it. 


    Two things though, I  cannot play standing up for very long, I get dizzy and disorientated far too easily so it's sitting down for me. Maybe I'll get my legs (ha!) but until then it's sofa time for me. Secondly, the headset left so many red marks on my face that my wife and daughter actually fell about laughing and asked me how the scuba diving was going. In future I'll leave it a while until I engage with real people.



  10. 1 hour ago, Paul3704 said:

    If it's yellow - you can climb up it.

    That section, there's a pole you can climb up and then jump across to some yellow supports on the wall and shimmy across to the exit. The boring machine attacks three times then disappears....

    Managed to jump across and progress, and then the next hint states you can boost after jumping which would be good to know beforehand.


    I’m now in a room with some seemingly possessed machinery that cause my SX to stutter to about 3 fps. I know what the game wants me to achieve but it really is fighting against me. 

    I really want to like the game but it needed more time and play testing.

  11. 25 minutes ago, Paul3704 said:

    The lack of torch bugged me initially, don't mind so much now. Double press then hold the RH shoulder, brings the scanner up and that seems to work for me. Climbing is still a nightmare though.

    Thanks for the tip, agree about the climbing. I’ve not even made it to the open world section as currently trying to jump across to a platform in the tunnels. The one time I did make it, that red boring machine killed me and I’m out back having to do it all again. Did anybody actually play test the game??

  12. I didn't get as long to play on mine this afternoon as I wanted to but still played through the demo of the Star Wars game and the first level of Rez. Whilst the Star Wars experience was good, I'll think I'll wait until it's In a sale or I manage to pick up a physical copy nice and cheap when it is eventually released. Rez was mind-blowing, I have never played it in VR but after only the first level I know I'll be losing myself in that world for some time. It was weird when I took the headset off it felt as if the real world was flat, smaller and 2D. I never had that with the original PSVR, it really is an amazing piece of hardware.

  13. Got it! I knew Gordon would come through, surprised that the charging dock’s box is nearly the same size as the headset’s. 

    Lunch and then it’s a rainy day VR session for me.


    Hope everyone who wants one gets it, it’s been a hell of a ride.

  14. I've had the shipped email and the tracking is showing delivery scheduled for tomorrow, although the tracking is now working on the charger email that I previously received and that shows tomorrow for delivery as well so well done Sony.


    I still have faith in Gordon, he's always been my favourite DPD guy.

  15. 4 minutes ago, superfunk said:

    To find it:

    go to the order details page for your headset (edit: the individual order page, not the page with the "last 6 months" dropdown)

    right click on the page + click "inspect element"

    go to the "Network" tab

    reload the page

    find and click on the row with a domain of "api.direct.playstation.com" (type will be "xhr")

    search (ctrl+f) for "trackingID"

    You should see a line that looks like this:

    "trackingID": "12345678901234",

    Put the ID into a parcel tracker like https://parcelsapp.com/en/tracking and something should come up

    Yes! Gordon (my favourite DPD employee) will be delivering it today between 11.57 and 12.57 which is the optimal time for me, lunch and then VR here we come.



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