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  1. Spoilers for the remaining episode titles
  2. Saints and Sinners 2 isn't launch day is it? I've just picked up the first game as that's getting an upgrade the day number2 is released so I can wait and the pick up the second game cheaper after a few weeks. I'm looking forward to giving the Horizon game a try and then scare myself silly with Resi Village.
  3. There was a scene in the trailer that showed As for the episode, loved it but it really wasn’t long enough. They could have expanded the run time and I’d be happy.
  4. I've been re-watching Luther from the beginning with my daughter who's never seen it and there's two which shocked her
  5. Right, I may kick myself later but I've cancelled my original order and ordered the Horizon pack and chargers for the controllers. Even though the headset is to be delivered in Sony's 'launch window' the charger is due on release day. I just know I'll be staring at that charger whilst waiting for Sony to ship the headset so I can use them.
  6. Makes sense, think I'll cancel and re-order then. You'll probably find me moaning about my order not being shipped come the 22nd and it will all be my own bloody fault.
  7. I'm tempted to cancel my vanilla set and re-order the Horizon pack but the date on the listing stating February 22nd-28th is putting me off as the lure of new hardware is strong and I want to play it on launch day.
  8. I vowed I would never play Part 2 ever again as it was so grim and depressing but something last week made me replay it and I'm glad I did. It really is a fantastic game, not as good as Part 1 for me, but still head and shoulders above other games. I really hope they don't
  9. The Horizon VR game is digital only right??
  10. The you talk of is shown briefly in the original trailer. Hopefully it's not just a passing mention as that part of the game is heartbreaking.
  11. They could always give some units to other retailers I suppose. That might help actually shift some of them. I'm guessing Game and Amazon would like to sell some.
  12. Even more so that it was the same meal and wine selection he served him when they first met.
  13. Yes it was a great episode but As said above, Ellie’s fascination with violence and guns seems different than the first game and quite worrying.
  14. I watched The Lair over the weekend as it has just appeared on Shudder and can honestly say if I didn't know it was Neil Marshall I would expect it to be a first time director. It's properly crap but after a few beers I was finding it hilarious. Charlotte Kirk shows an ability for acting that sets her up for an extras part on a daytime soap. She really is wooden and has an accent that wobbles around the country seemingly at whim. In fact, all of the acting is shocking apart from the Afghani soldier they capture, he really is head and shoulders above them in ability. Jamie Bamber also seems to be channeling Solid Snake with the most ridiculous American accent and it also has one of the most comical Welsh accents I've ever heard in a film or TV show. Kirk co-wrote it with Marshall and it's one of the most generic, scene stealing scripts that I've seen. It so wants to be Aliens but comes across as a dodgy 80s straight to video film that would be one of the last left in Blockbusters on a Saturday night. The creature effects are appalling and seemingly consist of men running around in rubber suits. The gore is passable but it's just a shame that somebody so obviously gifted as Marshall now insists on having his other half in all his films which wouldn't be bad if she could act, but she cannot. The Descent was an absolute classic and hopefully he can get back to making genuinely scary, good films.
  15. Looking forward to episode 3 seeing as
  16. Loved the episode but the one thing that bugged me was Waiting a week per episode is painful, but at least it gives me a chance to watch the episode again after listening to the podcast.
  17. I may be naive but if one was to take a stand against this game, don't we have to boycott Microsoft as well as it's day one on Gamepass and thus giving money, albeit indirectly, to Russia?
  18. Sod the knobs, just take a look at those VU meters, things of beauty.
  19. Done it, finally got the Platinum after missing one collectible and finally fully upgrading a set of armour. I needed a guide for the missing collectible but have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this game and feel bereft it's all done. Yes it had moments of complete cheating from some of the bosses but the journey was superb and hopefully there will be some good DLC in the near future.
  20. GNA down yesterday at last, I did think the wife may be filing for divorce in 2023 after the language that came out of my mouth during the last few days whilst trying to beat her. Managed it with literally a sliver of health left and it did bring home how rubber-banded the bosses are, I can take huge amounts of her health when starting the battle but then the last two bars take an age. Now all I have to is finish off the challenges and the final Berserker boss. Might leave that until she's back at work if I want to stay married though.
  21. I twigged when Tanya said it was so nice socialising with people who As for the two prostitutes I don't think the son was who they were talking about. They had arranged to meet his father on the first night.
  22. Looks like a perfect drunk Saturday night film but oh man, that title. Why???
  23. I love this game and having finished it a week ago feel the post-game content is superb but... The difficulty spike on some of the Berserker fights is unreal, even when I dropped it to story mode the fight where you take on three was ridiculous. I managed it but now am stuck at Gna. I know I should eventually beat her but how on earth can the easiest mode be so hard when I've spent hours on the game and know how to fight.
  24. Belinda? Do you mean Tanya? As for S2, loved it. Not sure if better than the first but enjoyed every minute, especially the sense of dread that built up over the season. Now I'm just trying to guess if they will carry on with a character from S2 appearing in S3. My bet is Valentina getting a promotion to another hotel in the chain. Loved her character.
  25. I honestly didn't realise that any films were still shown in 3D any more.
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