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  1. Seems to be available for pre-ordering on Amazon. Just waiting for those joy-cons to become available.
  2. It’s certainly nowhere near a great Zelda but Skyward Sword is getting bought again. I have fond memories of playing it with my daughter when it came out. As for those Zelda joy-cons, please Nintendo, take my money. if the rumours are true and TP and Wind Waker are out as well it’s going to be an expensive Zelda themed year, although I’m still hoping for a Majoras Mask remake. Even though I bought a mint N64 copy a few years back I’ve still yet to play it.
  3. I've had the same issue a couple of times over the last week where this has happened and the items have all been delivered the next day. Hope this is the case for your PS5
  4. Series X bundle available at Costco https://www.costco.co.uk/Gaming-Consoles/Xbox-X-Console-with-Additional-Controller-Watchdogs-Legion-Games-Pass-and-Twin-Docking-and-Charging-Station/p/353239?utm_campaign=FY21P6W4h&utm_medium=email&utm_source=email&utm_content=Hero-1&utm_term=XBOX Much as I hate bundles this isn't too bad if you don't mind Watchdogs.
  5. Also It was ok for a Saturday night film but yet another movie where seemingly intelligent people make stupid mistakes.
  6. I don't know why you think that, everything I've read and seen indicates each episode is his usual documentary style on one subject.
  7. Tempted, always good to get a recommendation.
  8. Going to be watching this one as well https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07YD5TK4F/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1 It dropped to under £100 before Christmas and seems to get good reviews when used with a PS5.
  9. Maybe a stupid question but isn't the internal storage slot disabled at the moment. I remember reading it was supposed to be activated via an update later but didn't think that had happened yet. Or did they use that SSD externally in an enclosure?
  10. This was my first Souls game that I invested any significant time into and loved every minute of it. Even those many times when either the game was seemingly unfair or I got cocky and tried to blunder through a level. It took me three weeks but I finished it late on Thursday evening after cheating the final boss. Decided to go back straight in for a NG+ and got cocky on 1-1. It didn't end well and my idea of trying for a Pure White Tendency up in flames. How likely is it for remakes of the other Souls' games? After this I think I'm going to be hooked on them.
  11. Looks as though I'll be getting some external storage sooner rather than later. I don't have that many games installed but still only 50Gb available and 100Gb in my 'other' folder due to having PS4 games installed. Warzone needed an 11Gb update and failed to download and install it even though I should have enough space. Time to hunt down a good SSD and copy over any PS4 games I want to play.
  12. It happens straight from turning on the machine though. Might have to quit the game before I turn it off for the night. It only seems to happen overnight, if I rest the PS5 and come back to it later in the day no issues at all.
  13. Demon's Souls seems to be causing my machine to encounter the 'repairing console storage' error every now and then. I always put my machine into rest mode and have no external storage attached to it but it's happened a few times. I'm hoping that it's just an OS glitch that can be ironed out with an update.
  14. A cursory look on ebay shows that even today the disc version is going from £700-£800. Although this one is funny https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PlayStation-Disc-5-console-Uk-Version-Confirmed-Order/224321397316?hash=item343a98e244:g:GykAAOSwU5xgBrqu
  15. Is this widely available, might be good for a Saturday night, switch brain off kind of movie. I must have been living under a rock but as the whole Charlotte Kirk has passed me by, but caught up by reading a few articles including this one https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/10/how-the-charlotte-kirk-saga-blew-up-hollywood Nobody comes out well from it and is pretty sleazy.
  16. Loved this weeks's interior and a real testament to how much people can achieve if they have a vision. Not too sure on the whole logistics if they ever wanted to sell the property though seeing as it's pretty embedded on her parent's land. Genuinely thought she might have died at the end of the project though with the amount that cancer had affected her. Glad to see she hadn't.
  17. I maybe missing something really obvious but in the Video options I cannot change the Priorities. It's greyed out and I should be able to select the 120 hz option but no joy. My Series X can output 120hz as Ori works fine.
  18. The way he called out to her I thought he had another dog to go with Thunder.
  19. What is it with Ubisoft and save game issues? I can kind of understand why in Watchdogs they would not want you to manually save as it would ruin the whole concept of permadeath, but at least have a solid autosave in place. I gave up on Legion as it just kept losing my progress, there's no way I could continue if it lost as much game as DHP has.
  20. One thing that really bugs me is fighting
  21. My copy has just turned up and popped in disc to install, Series X told me that it will be ready in 11 hours so took disc out and will install overnight. Surprised there are two discs in the case, I assume that as long as you have an Internet connection you only need disc 1 to authorise the install. What I was pleasantly surprised about was that when I put the AC Valhalla disc back in, the quick resume went straight back to where I was last night.
  22. What level are you? At first they destroyed me but as I progressed my character they become easier to deal with.
  23. My One X used to randomly do this and I've had it a couple of times with my X.
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