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  1. Absolutely, it’s not as if the Xbox version was any different. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed Village but if you are going to have a console specific best game, for me it should be an exclusive.
  2. PlayStation game of the year RE Village??? Returnal was released this year right?
  3. Returnal would be my choice out of those but be prepared to get frustrated until you get better, unless you are one of those lucky (younger) gamers who’s reactions haven’t been shot by old age. AC Valhalla was my most played game of the last year, but many people got bored of the repetitive gameplay. I didn’t, and loved the whole setting and played through all the dlc as well.
  4. There will be blood is one that everybody raves about but for some reason I'm really not that interested about watching.
  5. It was very dark, I've been meaning to turn off auto-dimming on my CX and this prompted me to actually do it. It made a bit of a difference but still far too gloomy.
  6. Well that was a short one, and yet still managed to annoy me This would work better if they just released all the episodes at once, it really isn't that interesting to make viewers wait another week for an episode.
  7. Time to turn it off then. Nope, not that. Turned off Auto HDR and both GotG and GTA:SA show as being in Dolby Vision.
  8. What's the deal with non Dolby Vision games telling my CX that they are DV? I was playing Guardians of the Galaxy and then GTA: SA and it flashed up they were each in DV. I thought it would revert back to HDR if the game did not support DV.
  9. Had a play on SA and gave up after about 30 minutes. As others have said it's far too dark and unplayable in it's current state for me. Oh well, at least it's saved me buying the physical release unless they patch it.
  10. Isn't that new Blade Runner anime exclusive to crunchyroll?
  11. You reckon? It’s still glacially slow but I’m still intrigued. One thing that made me laugh was that none of the kids seemed to notice or comment on the massive claw like marks on the van.
  12. Not yet, but I'll give it a try.
  13. Has anybody has issues trying to install Metro Exodus Complete edition from disc on an X? I picked up a cheap copy and the install stops at 94.6% and no matter what I do will not complete. The game will run but I'm assuming it will need that final 5.4% at some point.
  14. I thought Monty would make it up but a couple of them would fall, but no, they all seem to possess some great free climbing skills.
  15. Yet another slow episode but at least The married couple storyline is getting more and more bizarre, hopefully the couple who have taken them in will be wearing their skins by morning. I did laugh when the Japanese father asked if JASA had a bigger sound system. Did you see the size of his speakers? I bet it's nothing to do with trying to decode that audio and all about throwing down some dirty drum and bass before the world ends.
  16. I’m intrigued by it, yes some of the acting is questionable, especially the drama school kids currently stuck down the only massive inaccessible crater in the UK and the US couple who seem to be in a different show entirely, but there are moments when it works. The scene between the soldier and the Afghan was touching and you can tell it’s had some money thrown at it as it looks like a film. However, it’s got to pick up soon and actually get on with the actual invasion. At the moment it’s all foreplay.
  17. Just checked my X and no night mode. I've got automatic updates switched on and it checked this morning but it's not under the TV and Video settings.
  18. That doesn’t ring any bells, but that does sound weird.
  19. I remember Edge closing down but for the life of me have no recollection of how I found this place.
  20. If it’s what I think it is then I was considering doing that. Wish I had now.
  21. Really disappointed in this and that comes from someone who loved 5, well apart from the drug parts. Combat is ruined by having different ammo types for different enemies and the helicopter can just do one. Proper bullet sponges and unless my rocket backpack is ready it's pointless trying to shoot them down. I did magically snipe one but have lost countless rounds trying to take them down. I know there's a rocket launcher somewhere but yet to find one. One other annoyance is that since i started the Shock Therapy Yaran story mission, the good Dr. keeps on phoning me up every time I get into a firefight. Right, that’s it, I’m out. Unless I’m doing something wrong with the combat it’s just not enjoyable. I’ve just had to give up as a quick jaunt to get to a mission was made unplayable after a quick stop to take out a radar base that meant that a helicopter was on me straight away. Eventually after running away i took it out but then another immediately appeared right near me. A lucky snipe meant it went down and so I could then wait for my backpack to recharge so I could take out the radar. Two minutes later two helicopters appeared and it became ridiculous. They’ve really broken the series with this one.
  22. Just had an email to confirm that my backup collection order from Smyths is ready to pick up tomorrow. Thankfully my Amazon order has been snapped up for a friend who want's one for the son's Christmas present.
  23. Maybe they had it down, but it's listed as the 8th now. Some people are also getting dispatch emails from them so lord only knows what's going on.
  24. Good old Amazon, ordered on the 16th of July and not looking like it's going to be here for launch.
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