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  1. The new purple controller is available to buy on Sony's site now https://direct.playstation.com/en-gb/buy-accessories/dualsense-wireless-controller-galactic-purple I grabbed one for my daughter but it's a bit tight that they charge £2.99 for delivery.
  2. Mine only turned up yesterday, post is pretty screwed due to sickness around here.
  3. From what I've read it's just a single cable to the PS5. Not perfect but far better than the current setup on the PS4.
  4. Seems strange they are not going fully wireless but just one cable connecting the headset to the PS5 shouldn't cause too many issues for me. Although I just know the dog will get caught in it one day.
  5. I don' know how I feel about this https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/12/assassins-creed-valhalla-dawn-of-ragnarok-expansion-launches-march-2022 It would be nice if it was part of the Season Pass but it seems it isn't, typical Ubisoft I suppose. Also it seems they want a piece of the whole God Of War hype in 2022 as well.
  6. Absolutely, it’s not as if the Xbox version was any different. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed Village but if you are going to have a console specific best game, for me it should be an exclusive.
  7. PlayStation game of the year RE Village??? Returnal was released this year right?
  8. Returnal would be my choice out of those but be prepared to get frustrated until you get better, unless you are one of those lucky (younger) gamers who’s reactions haven’t been shot by old age. AC Valhalla was my most played game of the last year, but many people got bored of the repetitive gameplay. I didn’t, and loved the whole setting and played through all the dlc as well.
  9. There will be blood is one that everybody raves about but for some reason I'm really not that interested about watching.
  10. It was very dark, I've been meaning to turn off auto-dimming on my CX and this prompted me to actually do it. It made a bit of a difference but still far too gloomy.
  11. Well that was a short one, and yet still managed to annoy me This would work better if they just released all the episodes at once, it really isn't that interesting to make viewers wait another week for an episode.
  12. Time to turn it off then. Nope, not that. Turned off Auto HDR and both GotG and GTA:SA show as being in Dolby Vision.
  13. What's the deal with non Dolby Vision games telling my CX that they are DV? I was playing Guardians of the Galaxy and then GTA: SA and it flashed up they were each in DV. I thought it would revert back to HDR if the game did not support DV.
  14. Had a play on SA and gave up after about 30 minutes. As others have said it's far too dark and unplayable in it's current state for me. Oh well, at least it's saved me buying the physical release unless they patch it.
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