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  1. Is this widely available, might be good for a Saturday night, switch brain off kind of movie. I must have been living under a rock but as the whole Charlotte Kirk has passed me by, but caught up by reading a few articles including this one https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/10/how-the-charlotte-kirk-saga-blew-up-hollywood Nobody comes out well from it and is pretty sleazy.
  2. Loved this weeks's interior and a real testament to how much people can achieve if they have a vision. Not too sure on the whole logistics if they ever wanted to sell the property though seeing as it's pretty embedded on her parent's land. Genuinely thought she might have died at the end of the project though with the amount that cancer had affected her. Glad to see she hadn't.
  3. I maybe missing something really obvious but in the Video options I cannot change the Priorities. It's greyed out and I should be able to select the 120 hz option but no joy. My Series X can output 120hz as Ori works fine.
  4. The way he called out to her I thought he had another dog to go with Thunder.
  5. What is it with Ubisoft and save game issues? I can kind of understand why in Watchdogs they would not want you to manually save as it would ruin the whole concept of permadeath, but at least have a solid autosave in place. I gave up on Legion as it just kept losing my progress, there's no way I could continue if it lost as much game as DHP has.
  6. One thing that really bugs me is fighting
  7. My copy has just turned up and popped in disc to install, Series X told me that it will be ready in 11 hours so took disc out and will install overnight. Surprised there are two discs in the case, I assume that as long as you have an Internet connection you only need disc 1 to authorise the install. What I was pleasantly surprised about was that when I put the AC Valhalla disc back in, the quick resume went straight back to where I was last night.
  8. What level are you? At first they destroyed me but as I progressed my character they become easier to deal with.
  9. My One X used to randomly do this and I've had it a couple of times with my X.
  10. I agree with this, their customer service has always been really quick when I've needed to contact them.
  11. Are Ubisofts servers crap? After giving up on Watchdogs this week until they patch the mess that it currently is, I thought I'd install AC:V this morning. It's currently downloading the 40 Gig+ update at a snails pace of 20 Mbps whereas my speed checker on the X is showing nearly my full fat speed of 200 Mbps. I don't remember Watchdogs taking that long to install on launch and at this speed it may be ready in 6 hours.
  12. Not a chance it will affect your PS5 order. Best case is that both items arrive together, worst case two separate Amazon deliveries.
  13. I'll check that out later and see if it makes a difference.
  14. I think I may just give up on this game until there's a patch. Lost three hours of gaming last night after the game crashed. Looking on the bright side, two of my characters were resurrected.
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