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  1. Glad I bought it a couple of days ago, even though I have the disc version somewhere, that budget price was too good to resist.
  2. Played this on Clarence Pier in Southsea, all I remember is being far too drunk to actually drive and it costing an arm and a leg to play.
  3. Just watched episode 6 and oh my! Fantastic episode.
  4. There were third party cases for the original PSVR, I got a nice one on ebay that kept the head set safe so I bet there will be for this version.
  5. Ha!, I have the same conversation except it's "with all your junk we are running out of oxygen in the house"
  6. Edge of the seat ordering here, it even told me I could only purchase it if I had been invited at one point. It's been so long since I've ordered anything from Sony themselves that it still had my previous address listed. seeing as I moved out of there 5 years ago and the people who bought our house are massive wankers I managed to intercept that issue straight away.
  7. IFGO!! Like others, had to jump through a few hoops and it binned me out a couple of times but grabbed the basic pack and charging dock. Couldn't see the Horizon pack but fuck it, I can pick that up separately if and when I need it. Good luck everyone, hope everyone who actually wants one is successful.
  8. I know how you feel, it's only a luxury that whilst I can afford is not essential for me, unless Alxy is released on it and then I will need one.
  9. Did people who managed to grab one have a 10 a.m. time, mine is 13.00 so I have a vague hope that my one will go live then. A man can hope right???
  10. Here's hoping we can go through this again when they actually allow other retailers to sell them.
  11. I bet there's already some on ebay from bloody scalpers.
  12. Not for me, chime went and then booted out. Now OOS.
  13. Sony gotta be Sony it seems, managed to dive back in and like everybody else it's OOS. Hopefully it's a glitch otherwise that message about having enough was a bloody joke.
  14. Fuckers, got the chime and when I went into the shop it threw me out saying it's not available in my region. WTF!
  15. I'm in the queue, but with a wait time of over an hour. This is going to be a shit show isn't it? With a message "There's no rush, we have enough for everybody" This is 'exciting', now it's 34 minutes.
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