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  1. Managed to get one due to your post so many thanks. Still find it strange that it hasn't appeared on the Nintendo store. All I can assume is that retailers are hedging their bets on how many they will have for sale.
  2. Excellent, thanks for that. ..and oos again. Got to act fast to secure one of these it seems.
  3. For some reason the Smyths site will not let me pre-order it. I get to complete order and it just goes back to my basket. Cleared cookies and tried again and it's saying oos for all stores. Even bloody shopto and their rip-off pricing is saying sold out. Love the fact it hasn't even appeared on Nintendo's shop.
  4. Don't think it is less than 30 minutes, it was on Channel 4 originally so would have filled an hour slot with adverts. I'll have to check next time i'm on Netflix. Mr Whitelaw's time is precious you know
  5. Agree with that, or you could go with White Bear. That's pretty dark.
  6. San Junipero, White Christmas and Shut Up and Dance are three of my favourites.
  7. Wasn't overly impressed after episode 1 and 2,3 and 4 were sat on my Sky box unwatched. This week however I had a spare afternoon and watched them all. It definitely improved and after the shock at the end of episode 4 I couldn't wait for the latest episode. It is all over the place but I've read it's supposed to be satirical and on that level it works. As for jumping 5 years every episode I don't think it does. I thought it was meant to and I'm sure I read it pre-showing but episode 2 is set 6 months after 1 iirc. And episode 3 is set in 2026 and 5 is 2028. This is one show that I wish was released in 1 hit just as Killing Eve. I think it would work better with the ability to binge it.
  8. So want that limited edition. My daughter is a massive BOTW fan so I'll try and get her into playing this. Shouldn't be too hard.
  9. Agree about the soundtrack, i had to check as I thought it sounded like Cristobal Tapia de Veer's work on the Utopia score. I've never heard of Hildur Guðnadóttir's music before but I'll be checking her work out as it just fits so well to the mood of the show.
  10. Mine's been sent by GC and I'm hoping for a weekend blast on it.
  11. If it's the final battle with I enjoyed this far more than 5 and just wished it was longer.
  12. 9.30 on a Monday is pretty post watershed to me.
  13. Yonderland was great and Ghosts is a fantastic show that I’m struggling to understand the BBC hiding it in the evening. I know many people can stream it at any time via the iPlayer but this deserves to be on earlier. We watch it as a family and haven’t noticed anything that needs to be shown post watershed. The latest episode which covered Pat’s story was genuinely moving and funny as hell.
  14. Missed the boat on the 3 lp version and now silly money is being asked for it. My fault really as I dithered over buying it and by the time the album was released it has sold out on their site.
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