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  1. Why have they delayed Invasion until sometime after December? That's one of the best parts of the previous games. I spent many hours playing hide and seek with randoms.
  2. They missed a trick that it wasn't just full of Mountain Dew and Doritos.
  3. Do we know hoe long the gameplay is for MM? If it's just a few hours then it's a poor show from Sony.
  4. I would go, although I'm not sure the rest of my family would be so keen. As for the finale what a way to end what has been an amazing experience. Not sure if there will be any more but there are so many loose ends left hanging. Everyone acted brilliantly in the show but the scene between Helen and Mrs. Martin was on another level. Just focusing on Helen's face whilst the fate of Nathan was revealed was so powerful. Such a great series.
  5. Seems sensible to me. Just checked on JL's site and they seem to offer it for £140 with the CX which I'll think I'll take them up on.
  6. Thanks for the link, looks like there should be no worry then. Hopefully John Lewis or Currys will drop the price of the screen for Black Friday and then I'm all set.
  7. Ah that's good to hear, I used to love my old plasma but screen burn was always a worry. Looks like I may have to audition a few screens now then.
  8. Looks like I'm going to have to get a new screen to take full advantage of the X. My Samsung Q7F is good for current gaming consoles but will not do 4K@120HZ or has HDMI 2.1. Tempted by an LG but screen burn is a worry. It's a shame that Philips are not the best for gaming as I've always wanted an Ambilight screen.
  9. Count me as another Samsung owner with the lip-sync issues. My Playbar is connected via optical to the OneConnect box and any DD content is painful to watch. I wish Sonos or Samsung would sort this out as it's been happening for years.
  10. Bloody hell, Saint Maud is one hell of a film, and as for that final scene! Need to watch it again.
  11. Got to agree with this. The first season was awful for Freddy bullying Chris. Even when Chris issued a tweet that they got on it still didn't sit well with me. This season has been much more balanced where they all take the piss out of each other with no apparent bullying.
  12. Don't think so yet. It only came out at the cinema on Friday. I've got tickets to see it on Wednesday and really looking forward to it
  13. Doesn't look as if you can mount it on top of your screen as you could do with the previous camera. Having said that, I'll take a minor inconvenience if the PSVR headset is wireless. Just image searched and it does look like it can be mounted.
  14. If you mean Autumn (the festival) then I would say yes. There are some amazing scenes in there. I loved watching it and so impressed with everything about it.
  15. There’s no need to watch Autumn before watching the first episode of Winter. You will not miss anything at all.
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