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  1. Looks ace and the games announced so far are interesting with a few unexpected ones. I had the arcade boards of Revenge of Death Adder (which people have begged for a release of for years) and Dark Edge (an interesting 2D one on one Fighter that uses sprite scaling for 3D game play) so I’m interested to see these finally getting an official release. Tant-R is also ace. As always with these things the key things will be the game selection and the quality of emulation. Looks great so far though.
  2. That looks ace. I had a Revenge of Death Adder arcade board many years ago. Would buy this just for that. Like all these things it will depend on the game selection and the quality of emulation. Looks lovely though.
  3. Mine arrived just now (during a Video Meeting ) so looking forward to having a play on it later today
  4. Interesting! i have the DreamConn controller and it is ace so would be interested in these especially with the 6 button lay out.
  5. Agreed to some extent that the PVM/BVM push is heavily skewed by the US. We are lucky in Europe to have benefitted from RGB inputs (while obviously this was balanced by PAL conversions etc). Also there are many other professional monitors by the likes of JVC and Ikegami which are also really top quality. I have a 20inch PVM as well as a 9inch version (and an Ikegami version that is also nice). I also have a Sony GDM-F520 which is frankly gorgeous. Then a Commodore monitor and a 14 inch Sony Trinitron which has a stunning picture for a consumer set. And that is the thin
  6. I have a couple of CDi consoles in the loft including the 350 (the portable one - well not really portable but has a screen and controller built in - with built in Video card) I have a load of games and Video CD’s too. Used to convert the Video CD MPEG1 files tic watch them on my GamePark 32 back in the day - good times The thing with CDi was it wasn’t really designed as an out and out games console. It wasn’t really meant to compete head to head with the other game systems of the day. It was meant to be an all in one multimedia player (the original models were meant to be put in
  7. Disciplined spell of bowling brought rewards as it often does in Test matches. We let Siddle and Lyon add some vital runs at the end but good to get a lead and a serious grab from Rory Burns. Would have taken that lead after our first innings to be fair
  8. Decent effort from Buttler and Leach here but frustratingly it shows how fragile the batting has been as when our players apply themselves they can construct a total
  9. I would imagine the reason for the association with the bigger clubs (other than purely financial) is that they likely have the resources, training facilities, grounds, general infrastructure, market presence/brand and coaching experience to be successful at running a Women’s team alongside the Men’s team. I don’t really follow it too much. But I do watch some of the Women’s cricket. One thing Australia are brilliant at is in the Big Bash they don’t seem to distinguish between the Men and the Women at the franchises. If you visit their websites (e.g. the Adelaide Strikers https://w
  10. Very game effort from England to bat as long as they did in fairness. The two wickets (Burns and Root) at the end of Day 4 I think we’re crucial but with some determined application England very nearly escaped with another draw. The frustrating thing is as others have said that the focus on the World Cup and Short format game has clearly been detrimental to all Test sides. Australia are marginally the better if these two sides largely thanks to the freakish level of Smith with the bat and by having a battery of top class pace bowlers that they can rotate and a world cl
  11. We won our League today so didn’t see it unfold but throughout the match you could just hear crazy cheering from the Pav. Just seen the highlights. Brilliant stuff. Literally unbelievable scenes.
  12. 3 gets a lot of stick but it was a lot better than I expected a non Cameron Terminator so many years after the first 2. Also you can clearly see all the money on the screen. it us some interesting ideas - evolving Sky et to be software (rather than the large super computer plugged into a bunker that we will imagined it to be in the 80's) plus being a defence network that saw all humans as the enemy felt like a natural evolution. It also has a fantastic chase scene in it (with the crane - properly felt like two unstoppable machines at loggerheads - with an outstanding re
  13. I can't watch the jump in that trailer without having flashbacks to MGS: Twin Snakes
  14. I got hit for the import charge too. Oh well - in for a penny in for a pound.
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