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  1. Looks ace and the games announced so far are interesting with a few unexpected ones. I had the arcade boards of Revenge of Death Adder (which people have begged for a release of for years) and Dark Edge (an interesting 2D one on one Fighter that uses sprite scaling for 3D game play) so I’m interested to see these finally getting an official release. Tant-R is also ace. As always with these things the key things will be the game selection and the quality of emulation. Looks great so far though.
  2. That looks ace. I had a Revenge of Death Adder arcade board many years ago. Would buy this just for that. Like all these things it will depend on the game selection and the quality of emulation. Looks lovely though.
  3. Mine arrived just now (during a Video Meeting ) so looking forward to having a play on it later today
  4. Interesting! i have the DreamConn controller and it is ace so would be interested in these especially with the 6 button lay out.
  5. Agreed to some extent that the PVM/BVM push is heavily skewed by the US. We are lucky in Europe to have benefitted from RGB inputs (while obviously this was balanced by PAL conversions etc). Also there are many other professional monitors by the likes of JVC and Ikegami which are also really top quality. I have a 20inch PVM as well as a 9inch version (and an Ikegami version that is also nice). I also have a Sony GDM-F520 which is frankly gorgeous. Then a Commodore monitor and a 14 inch Sony Trinitron which has a stunning picture for a consumer set. And that is the thing - for ease of use (usually scart in and not needing scart to BNc adaptors or in some cases 75 ohm terminations or needing different cards for different inputs etc) and cost a good consumers CRT - e.g. one of the Sony Trinitron range - is more than good enough for most retro gamers. Obviously it might not have as many options for geometry tweaking or quite such a crystal clear output but overall for most gamers a good Trinitron or equivalent is more than good enough.
  6. I have a couple of CDi consoles in the loft including the 350 (the portable one - well not really portable but has a screen and controller built in - with built in Video card) I have a load of games and Video CD’s too. Used to convert the Video CD MPEG1 files tic watch them on my GamePark 32 back in the day - good times The thing with CDi was it wasn’t really designed as an out and out games console. It wasn’t really meant to compete head to head with the other game systems of the day. It was meant to be an all in one multimedia player (the original models were meant to be put in your hifi separates effectively replacing the cd player - if you even had one - and fit in along with your record player, AM/FM radio and tape deck in your set up) It was clearly meant be a format for pushing the CD format and only one aspect of that’s was gaming. So effectively the idea was - help your kids do their homework by looking stuff up in the interactive encyclopaedia, then put on a music cd while you’ve cooked dinner then when the kids are in bed either play a casual game or watch a Video CD. When viewed like that it makes more sense. The games that tend to work best on it are the sort of experience aimed at someone’s who isn’t so much into gaming but might dabble. So the golf and tennis and Caesars Palace Boxing and the fMv stuff, 7th Guest, Myst etc as well as the reference books and atlases and the like. I don’t think it was initially aimed at appealing to the Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter 2 and Super Mario Kart fanbases. However as time wore on they did try to and changed the design to be less high end hi-fi separate and more traditional console and the games reflected that even though the hardware isn’t not suited to many of the gameplay experiences that were popular at the time among gamers. I’ve mentioned it before but the hardware was also the basis of many “Interactive Kiosks” I.e. in retailers or shopping centres or information kiosks and was very well suited to that function with its media functionality and CD Rom format. Suspect in many ways it was a successful product for Philips - just not a successful game console.
  7. Grey Fox

    Cricket Thread

    Disciplined spell of bowling brought rewards as it often does in Test matches. We let Siddle and Lyon add some vital runs at the end but good to get a lead and a serious grab from Rory Burns. Would have taken that lead after our first innings to be fair
  8. Grey Fox

    Cricket Thread

    Decent effort from Buttler and Leach here but frustratingly it shows how fragile the batting has been as when our players apply themselves they can construct a total
  9. I would imagine the reason for the association with the bigger clubs (other than purely financial) is that they likely have the resources, training facilities, grounds, general infrastructure, market presence/brand and coaching experience to be successful at running a Women’s team alongside the Men’s team. I don’t really follow it too much. But I do watch some of the Women’s cricket. One thing Australia are brilliant at is in the Big Bash they don’t seem to distinguish between the Men and the Women at the franchises. If you visit their websites (e.g. the Adelaide Strikers https://www.adelaidestrikers.com.au/players ) and select the Players tab it just presents all the players associated with that franchise regardless of whether they are male (playing in the BBL) or female (playing in the WBBL) Effectively treating them all as Squad members and all representing Adelaide in this case. Which they are. You can filter by Male and Female but the default is just Players (regardless of gender)
  10. Grey Fox

    Cricket Thread

    Very game effort from England to bat as long as they did in fairness. The two wickets (Burns and Root) at the end of Day 4 I think we’re crucial but with some determined application England very nearly escaped with another draw. The frustrating thing is as others have said that the focus on the World Cup and Short format game has clearly been detrimental to all Test sides. Australia are marginally the better if these two sides largely thanks to the freakish level of Smith with the bat and by having a battery of top class pace bowlers that they can rotate and a world class spinner (normally) in Lyon. In a sense they have stumbled into picking Labuschagne and have found a decent Test cricketer. Find an opener to partner Warner (at least in home series) and a couple more batsman and they have a very solid side. England I think we already know they have been fragile the last few years (often 30-3 for example) and having spent years looking for a replacement for Strauss to partner Cook without success have also then struggled to replace Cook. Burns is a huge positive to come out of the series. While his technique can look odd (and potentially when out of form has a fair amount to go wrong) he clearly has the temperament of a traditional Test opener. He is also clearly prepared to work on his game as you must at that level - tightening up his perception of off stump and also clearly having worked on a susceptibility to the short ball between Tests. Buttler and Bairstow clearly have bags of talent and credit in the bank as it were but I can’t help feeling that playing both and Roy feels like 3 luxury players (or wild cards) and in a side with clear flaws it is difficult to get away with that. Denly I quite like and he has done as much as you could hope for really however they should have been braver and put him to open at the start of the series and kept Root at 4 which is clearly his preferred position. Very easy with hindsight but I’m still not sure why Malan was dropped - good solid combative batsman with an Away Ashes Ton to his name. bowling has been as expected really. Broad exceptional (saw a stat that he has bowled 92 balls to Warner for 32 runs and dismissed him 6 times - which is remarkable). Losing Anderson was massive and Archer has performed brilliantly but way to much to expect a young bowler in his first series to do any more than he has. It feels like Australia have been planning for this series far longer than England (the luxury of already having 5 World Cups in the trophy cabinet I guess) but England’s thinking has been muddled - shown by the chopping and changing of the batting order and side. They also really need to stick to a plan to Smith rather than just deciding they can’t possibly get him out. At least make it harder for him and stop trying to trap him LBW hoping he will miss one. I’d have liked to see them play attritional cricket and just try to dry up the runs by bowling wide of off with a packed field or alternatively get Archer or Stokes to come round the wicket and go hard at him into the body for 10 overs with a field set back. As I said both sides have some issues. Opening partnerships this Ashes so far for both sides: Edgbaston 2 22 13 19 Lords 0 11 9 13 Headingley 12 10 10 15 Old Trafford 1 10 0 0 Total 156 - Average 9.75 On a separate note and obviously disappointed with the series at the moment I am pleased for Tim Paine - Player against him when he played for Lashings a few years ago and he is a genuinely sound bloke.
  11. Grey Fox

    Cricket Thread

    We won our League today so didn’t see it unfold but throughout the match you could just hear crazy cheering from the Pav. Just seen the highlights. Brilliant stuff. Literally unbelievable scenes.
  12. 3 gets a lot of stick but it was a lot better than I expected a non Cameron Terminator so many years after the first 2. Also you can clearly see all the money on the screen. it us some interesting ideas - evolving Sky et to be software (rather than the large super computer plugged into a bunker that we will imagined it to be in the 80's) plus being a defence network that saw all humans as the enemy felt like a natural evolution. It also has a fantastic chase scene in it (with the crane - properly felt like two unstoppable machines at loggerheads - with an outstanding resolution), also liked the Electromagnet but and the ending was unexpected, memorable and actually made a lot of sense (I.e. The mission was to get John to survive Judgement Day not to prevent Judgement Day) Not outstanding but way better than it should have been. awhereas subsequent films think saying "I'll be Back" and "Come with me if you want to live" completely out of context and thinking this has resonance for the characters (as opposed to just being lazy nostalgia box ticking for the audience - the phrases have no meaning for the characters in the later films only the audience members) qualifies as sharp scriptwriting.
  13. I can't watch the jump in that trailer without having flashbacks to MGS: Twin Snakes
  14. Early preview (some effects shots to be completed)
  15. I got hit for the import charge too. Oh well - in for a penny in for a pound.
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