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  1. In Silent Hill 3 there's a funny scene where the detective guy says something like "They look like monsters to you?" when Heather comments on the monsters. He wasn't being serious. I also thought Laura wasn't real on account of her being pure evil, locking him in with the monsters and stuff.
  2. You're welcome! I was hoping people would check out the stuff I listed. Yeah, most of the tracks in God is an Astronaut's current album sound similar. Fragile is great but there's quite a few tracks on the album that are better imo. You can download videos of their other singles in the Videos section of the website. Re: Infected Mushroom's album, I just want to turn it up to 11 every time it hits track #6. Dangerous stuff, especially as in-car tunage I imagine.
  3. My favourites: God is an Astronaut - All is Violent, All is Bright. Only released online just this week and it's pretty much my favourite album ever after a few days, it's an incredibly beguiling and beautiful collection of instrumental indie mixed with slices of electronica. There's lots of fantastic soaring riffs with some Silent Hill style piano/electronic tunage. It also has a post apocalyptic soundtrack vibe running through the album. Can't recommend it enough. Sasha - Involver. The mixing that brings you from track 1 to 8 is superb and then it breaks down for me, don't like track #9 and
  4. Yeah, that seems like the best explanation, it took me hours after finishing the game to work out what it meant; had to read the plot analysis on Gamefaqs. When I first read the explanation my initial reaction was "No way! It's just a videogame, it can't be that deep", but the more I read into it, the more it made sense. I got the water ending, which totally fitted my take on events, it's an amazingly subtle and thoughtful ending for a videogame. The bit with the dead guy on the sofa really freaked me out, never thought of looking at him properly, just wanted to get the hell out of there. One
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