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  1. Bioware have changed their mind about the activate-your-game-every-10-days DRM on Mass Effect. Good to know they listen to their customers and are capable of seeing the bigger picture.
  2. And scripting. The scripting still works wonders. Anna on the plane. I know what's imminent, but videogames have conditioned me not to expect things like that. Also, an experience like Deus Ex will never arrive again. When I bought it, it was after reading a really good review and a really bad review. There was no hype. I just wanted to be a cyberpunk for a while. It wasn't quite the dream game I was looking for, but it came damn close.
  3. This is the problem with merging. There is a more relaxed vibe in here as well, which I like.
  4. PS3 purchase officially delayed.
  5. That's like another nail in the coffin.
  6. Yeah, that brings up the "games as an internet based service" idea again, I don't like it, but it seems inevitable, from a security point of view. Here's my latest experience with PC gaming: wanted to play Portal, but wasn't sure if it would run on my computer and there was no demo, so I tried out a hacked Steam version and found that it didn't run on my machine due to lack of graphics driver support. $20 saved. Still can't play Portal.
  7. This is what I was waiting for. GTA isn't synonymous with the Playstation brand any more. At least, not over here.
  8. They've slowed down the camera movement with respect to the characters's (or a person's) head while running, which makes it appear to me that the character is slightly drunk at times, except without the blurring. Wonder if this was a result of playtesting, maybe the true rate of movement is a bit too much? Presentation is lovely, looking forward to this.
  9. That wasn't a game, so it doesn't count.
  10. MDK

    Wii Homebrew

    I don't give a shit about ports. There's some serious potential for new stuff with the Wii (like it needs to be stated) and it's only likely to start when there's some proper software libraries. That's when it gets interesting. I see there's a simple graphics library and some Wiimote demos, so maybe this thread isn't totally premature. Seriously, this is like the only thing I'm ever gonna buy a Wii for.
  11. MDK

    Wii Homebrew

    There's no SDK yet is there, so no homebrew.
  12. Another piracy is killing PC game sales story, this time from Crytek, who'll not be doing PC exclusives any more.
  13. No one banned this time either. Here's hoping Liverpool are there to meet them in the final.
  14. Too many yellow cards for a CL semi-final, it's not a dirty game.
  15. Who made the offer? I mean, it's not like Atari have the cash...
  16. I had a rental copy. My rental went back after that.
  17. MDK


    How people manage to play 2D shooters with arcade sticks is one of the great mysteries of life to me. I've never been able to get an acceptable response from one, tried the official DC one and a Namco stick for PS2 shooters. Psyvariar is my favourite 'schmup', I played it obsessively for about 2 years after release.
  18. Wait, I'm thinking of Arsenal, aren't I?
  19. West Ham are a bogey team for Utd and Bolton are for Chelsea. This could be very interesting.
  20. Who's to say what the 'correct' way to review them is? Especially if the intended audience is traditional, not massmarket.
  21. Crisis Core. I like how they've made it real-time, but jeez, lay-off with the cutscenes, I really can't stand them.
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