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  1. Last time, I powered up my sniper rifle first, which becomes ridiculously powerful after a few upgrades. The other advantage is that there always seems to be plenty of ammo for it. Towards the end I was using it as a pistol as well. Surprised you're getting slowdown, my MacBook handles Deus Ex with all settings turned up to max quite easily, framerate was solid throughout. It takes very little persuasion for me to play Deus Ex, even coming into this thread make me want to restart. I'll have to think of some new approach though, maybe I'll be a stealth hacker and not kill anyone, I've always w
  2. They seem to be playing for serious issues in the latest trailer. The lines "Africa is our land" and "Invaders will be punished" make me wonder, who are the real invaders? Does this mean the perpretrators of the virus are outsiders? The action looks great too, although I'm certain that there'll be a 'shop guy', they appear to be retreading a lot of the same scenarios.
  3. MDK

    Edge 190

    Bizarrely, I want to play this more now I know there's 90 min cut-scenes. I've always liked to finish Metal Gear games in one run and well, it gives me a chance to eat my pizza before it goes cold. There's also a part of me that misses the old FMV-as-reward approach from the 32-bit era.
  4. That was great, no self-promoting bullshit, just relaxed, open discussion. I hope they hold more of these.
  5. That's the best article on Nintendo's business strategy I've read since... the Blue Ocean article that was posted a year back, from the same guy. I like the description of 3rd party 'casual' Wii games as "flash games on steroids". I think it'll do well better, as we don't get many distinctive games like that on the 360/PS3, so when one does come along it gets even more attention than it would have 5 years ago.
  6. Are they in the GAME150 folder? For example?
  7. There's Dark Alex's Time Machine, which doesn't properly support 1.50 kernel on slimline PSPs and there's also Team Noobz' eloader which does work with 1.50, afaik.
  8. It does work on the old version PSP. I'm running it on 3.90 firmware too. The Spectrum emulators you tried probably need the 1.50 kernel plugin to work, as do some of the other emulators that haven't been updated. The link directs me to the right page... it's just the latest SNES emulator release, so it's easy to navigate to.
  9. There's a new version of SNES9xTYL out and it's faster than before. FF6 runs almost full speed now, with clock @ 333Mhz and frameskip 0. I don't know how fast the likes of Mario Kart and F-Zero are supposed to be as I never had a SNES, but they seem to be very playable. In my experience: GBA: Unofficial gpsp kai N64: Daedelus SNES: Snes9xTYLsmcm Mega Drive: PicoDrive Mega CD: PicoDrive Neo Geo: MVSPSP NES: NesterJ
  10. GTA demo was played to death. I never bought the full game, why would I, when I never got tired of running from the police in the demo. The time limit made me much braver and more wreckless then I would if there was something at stake - bumping up the rating level and avoiding the cops for few minutes was no sweat. My other favourite things were getting the biggest chain explosion possible, finding the most expensive car to sell at the docks and running down those Hare Krishnas.
  11. MDK

    Afrika - PS3

    This NEEDS a SOTC photoshop. You use those lizards to increase your grip meter so you can climb the neck.
  12. MDK

    Ninja Gaiden 2

    Watching the Gamersyde videos. Proper gore ftw. It might sound superficial, but the ability to chop off limbs has sold NG to me again.
  13. Invites are regularly given out to power users, not far off being one myself. Like Oink, there's a serious shortage of downloaders, so it takes time, or a lot of uploading.
  14. I'm not on Waffles, but since it was redeveloped with Gazelle code, What.cd has set itself apart from other music torrent sites, it's like Discogs with torrents. The 'similar artists' and 'artist page' features are just begging me to keep downloading more. A long way off being perfect, but it looks like it's going to totally eclipse Oink at some point.
  15. What happened to Agger anyway, he get injured or what?
  16. I've always hated Real Madrid because of this and also the way they get bailed out when they accumulate too much debt. They continue show their arrogance and lack of respect for other clubs. The line from Ronaldo about finding it hard to live in Manchester is kind of worrying, if understandable. I'd jump at the chance to live in Spain/Italy playing football. Just not at Real Madrid.
  17. MDK


    On past performance I'm expecting at least a 7/10, maybe even an 8.
  18. MDK

    Wipeout HD

    Wipeout Pulse's soundtrack, or at least what I heard of it was music to dance to, not to race to. Some okay house tunes, but it just didn't reflect the action, like that of previous Wipeout games. If I could be arsed, I'd replace it with my own selection. As for Underworld, well they don't make music like that anymore.
  19. MDK


    Haha, only Wii games have been ripped like that on EG recently.
  20. MDK

    The Prodigy

    I love what they've done with the vocals from True Faith - Take Me Away.
  21. After watching his appearance on Gametrailers, I kind of felt some sympathy for the guy, but it left me in no doubt that the reason he keeps trashing Michael Bay is because he desperately wants to be Michael Bay. He got asked if he would ever make a documentry to show that he can do something intelligent but he dismissed the idea out of hand. Then he was asked about different videogames and if he'd like to shoot them, the only ones he seemed to be interested in were dumb action games. He chastises Hollywood for making vacuous effects driven action flicks, yet he talks up his own films by emph
  22. I gave up on that after 10 minutes. Jeff Green seemed to be the only one aware that they were doing a podcast and even then he couldn't be arsed. Gotta show some support for Garnett, he's predictible and sometimes he steers in the wrong direction but he's the one who gives 1Up Yours focus and also a sense of... occasion, like, he helps elevate it above random games related chatter.
  23. Our Brother The Native - Make Amends For We Are Merely Vessels [Fat Cat] Post-rock/folk/electronica act discovered on MySpace, who are still in their experimental phase, but they've got a lot of talent. If you like post rock at all, I think you'll find something to like here. Enrico Coniglio - Dynamu [Psychonavigation] Ambient piano pieces, similar to Roedelius' latest. There's a lovely track called Foliage which sounds awfully familiar, but I'm not sure why. Need to check out the dEUS album, it's been ages since I've listened to them.
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