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  1. I really hope this is true. If so, announcement imminent at E3.
  2. Paper Mario 2 (GC) (Bowser falls for a poster of Princess Peach but then realises that it's not actually her he's found) Bowser: P-POSTER??? Kammy Koopa: Oh, my goodness me... Didn't see that coming... Bowser: Great. Just great. Now I look like the huge, mighty king of GUYS WHO TALK TO POSTERS! Oblivion (XBox 360) Been trying to go straight through the main quest but I get... distracted. Spent 5 hours looking for some herbs and of course I had to take a few detours through some really long caves. They keep opening up those gates and I keep shutting 'em down again.
  3. Really liked this one too, although I'd definitely have left out the Burial track at the start, it has a completely different energy to the rest of the mix. One thing I like about your mixing style is that the transitions are quite varied, there was a melodic one about an hour in that kept going for over 5 minutes which was a nice surprise. What do you think of the Afterhours series? Where do you get the film samples from (because I've always wanted to use some in mixes myself but don't know where to look)?
  4. Yes, that's why I said software is key and you haven't explained where this software is going to come from. There'll be averageware like Carnival Games but that's not what sold the Wii in the first place and simply copying Nintendo's software lineup isn't going to work either, if it did, we wouldn't hear publishers complaining that 3rd party software doesn't sell on Wii. So where is this software going to come from? Then there's marketing; what I suspect you're getting at is the Apple approach, having a pro model and a massmarket one, but the problem with that is that the XBox brand has strong
  5. Do you mean yet another SKU? That's what your idea sounds like. How is this a successful strategy when software is the key to the Wii's success and Nintendo are way ahead of MS when it comes to appealing and selling to the massmarket?
  6. My last gen 'to finish' list goes something like this: PS2 FFXII - Halfway through Manhunt 2 - Completed a few levels Everyone Loves Katamari Damacy - Haven't played this since release, I think I have most of it completed, hope I still have the save game Okami - Oh no... From my initial impressions I know I'm not going to like this but I'll still spend ages finishing it. GC Paper Mario - Got to the castle then got bored Pikmin - Haven't started my Japanese copy yet, need a Freeloader disc PN03 - Bought it, sold it, then bought it again, got lots to do DC Headhunter - The trials and stealth sec
  7. Bloody hell, these orc vampires in the mines are hard to kill. I had to lure them through the nearby Oblivion gate, up some rocky ledges overhanging the lava and then defend until they fell into the lava. They always team up with the scamps against me too. Anyway, I'm past the halfway point and hoping to finish over the next few days while I got time for some long sessions. Yesterday, I was looking for a place to buy in the Waterside Front of the Imperial City when a woman standing beside the ship told me she'd already warned me about not entering (she hadn't) so I decided to board the ship fo
  8. I'd go for a free replacement off Sony, assuming you haven't registered your PSP with them already. They'll ask you if you've tested it with another recharger and after, when you got your PSP.
  9. Yeah, mine died, got a replacement one from Sony.
  10. You think if Ronaldo is forced to stay it'll be like Reyes all over again? That's the one thing I'm worried about. Although I am one of the "stick him in the reserves if necessary" crowd.
  11. How do I proceed to the next level after Spring Valley? I got an average of 'B' with Claris, beat the boss quickly then it sends me to the high scores screen.
  12. Oblivion (XBox 360) I'm deliberately avoiding anything other than story missions and feeling very lost and insignificant, like a tourist who's forced to wield a sword after being caught up in an unfortunate case of mistaken identity. I'm playing a knight who's main attribute is being strong so the learning curve's as small as possible. There's the constant feeling of almost being overwhelmed, from knowing the breath of the game having watching a friend play nothing but side-quests in the past, from the combat, which has turned me into a real coward and struggling to make full sense of even the
  13. Skies of Arcadia (DC) Y'know, I decided to stop playing JRPGs on home consoles a few years ago, unless something spectacularly different came out, which is why the only JRPG I've played since then is FFXII. I'm also a completist though and 30 hrs completed from when I got my DC meant I had to see this through sometime. As a kind of minigame, I played predict the next plot event and got it mostly right. The game refuses to show your party actually killing a human enemy, either it's a monster, human/monster hybrid or it's an enemy ship which explodes and disappears. I don't know why I picked up
  14. Christ, I swear this thread has been done every few months since the PSP came out. I have a thing about only playing handhelds when I'm on public transport, so I've still got a massive backlog. I don't know if I'll ever get around to buying a DS. I've finished Driver 76, Daxter, Hot Pixel, Crush, Loco Roco and Harvey Birdman but I probably wouldn't recommend any of them, hehe. I'd say PSP's best offerings are Lumines, Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel and Wipeout Pure, in that order. Take out Wipeout and I agree with you. I've played most of the usual home console ports and they lose a
  15. Made a 'disc prop' out of a cereal box to get discs spinning properly on the Saturn as the CD drive either spun them at an angle or got too recessed.
  16. Yeah. Snes9xTYLsmcm is the latest version.
  17. Out of those games, I've played Metroid and Mario Kart. I've not experienced any framerate issues with Metroid, yet and Mario Kart is quite playable with the latest emulator. I can't say how close to 100% speed they are as I never had a SNES, but I've seen nothing to indicate they're unplayable. Hell, I can start posting framerates if you like.
  18. Again, what SNES games are unplayable?
  19. Haven't played enough Vectrex titles to be able to recommend some, but the software library is quite small and the emulator includes most of them. I can say this much: the animations are fantastic, I love it when enemies explode into broken line debris.
  20. There's a Vectrex emulator (pspvecx) which feels like the same thing.
  21. Crush (PSP): Finished it yesterday, it doesn't evolve much after the first few levels, but keeps you thinking throughout. Last level was pretty good, it's the smallest level in the game, but you have to work out your route from 3 different angles at once. The presentation is ugly, the story is completely irrelevant, there is little in the way of true platform action and yet it's far more satisfying to play than Daxter which is another solid platformer that excels in all these areas. Except Crush isn't really a platformer, it's a puzzle game at heart. I wish they'd made it either more of an ab
  22. Finally got the music prx up and running on my PSP. I've never payed much attention to prxs, but this one's sweet: I can now listen to music while reading ebooks.
  23. The software BC corresponds with the other rumour from earlier this year and it makes sense for Sony from a business point of view. I'll certainly buy my PS2 games via PSN all over again, just make them work properly, with upscaling if possible. Maybe they could be really considerate to PAL territories like Nintendo and make games like Katamari Damacy available in Europe. Weren't a few people on here saying it was unlikely to happen because the GPU was too complicated to emulate, or something like that?
  24. I don't have the time for a playthrough right now, so I watched a 46 minute speedrun. It is possible to finish the game without killing anyone, if you don't mind using a few grenade-assisted shortcuts.
  25. The way I see it, you're moving the mouse in 2D space, which has a direct correlation with the cursor on screen and you move the stick(s) in 3D space, which logically corresponds to 3D movement on screen, so I'm no longer pointing and clicking. I'm moving my character's head. That's why I can only use inverted sticks, non-inverted mouse and more significantly perhaps, non-inverted FPS controls on the PSP (d-pad + face buttons = 2D space again).
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