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  1. Well, I read it on the PSP, in bed and that was really comfortable, you know.
  2. Worldwide! See, there's gotta be a FFXIII in Japan angle on this, otherwise that's not gonna happen.
  3. That's the first thing that came into my head, isn't there at least a small chance of Goldeneye on XBL now? Re: FFXIII in Japan, doesn't the 360 undercut the PS3 in price over there? Maybe I'm underestimating the Japanese' brand loyalty, but I'd like to think that'll give the XBox a fair chance if it's on both consoles at launch.
  4. IIRC they owned 20% before the merger, so they're not gonna be left with much.
  5. Without FFXIII, that would have been a washout. I'm disappointed by the lack of Alan Wake though, it's the only upcoming exclusive that makes me want to hold on to the 360.
  6. Maybe Phelan can clarify the FFXIII situation for us?
  7. FFXIII? Game on in Japan!? He only mentioned Europe and the US though!
  8. IGN seems good. Can they manage the whole Internet though?
  9. Gamespot having its annual E3 downtime?
  10. That's pretty much why I stopped buying EDGE. I wanted it remain relevant in the Internet age by focusing on features and industry stuff and stop trying to preview/review every game that comes out. By the time I'd got the magazine, I'd already seen all the screens/videos/previews/reviews on the net and made up my mind. I couldn't justify the price just to read the small number of features they do each month. In fact, I meant to email them to suggest this.
  11. All over the net. In two pdf files.
  12. Anyone read the script yet?
  13. Did you read past the first line?
  14. I've been completely losing it lately. Neglecting my bankroll and screwing up through laziness. I've not done anything silly, I've just let it all pass me by. It keeps getting harder to keep up due to higher-risk requirements even though the rewards are burning out overall and the second you relax, if only for a few weeks, you feel like you've been left behind. Old promos disappear. The new ones, which you often have to have to seek out, require new funds and tactics. Got a £250 Blackjack friendly offer from PaddyPower last month (where I haven't had Blackjack promos for almost a year) and I c
  15. Water, starring Michael Caine & Billy Connolly Was going to post Tremors, but I see it's got 7.1 on IMDB.
  16. I'm looking forward to Nintendo's conference most of all, just to see where their business strategy goes from here. I'm not expecting big changes, by any means, but I can't see them sitting back and patting themselves on the back as the cash flows in for the next year, they're on a roll and they'll want to build on what they've accomplished so far. Be interesting to see what proportion of massmarket releases get announced and if any more of their traditional IPs get revamped for their new audience. As for Wii titles I could get excited about, well, I've nothing in mind and I'm not getting my
  17. I had to watch them six times, before I beat it. SIX TIMES. That's like, about an hour's worth of repeated unskippable boss fight cutscenes. From Nintendo, of all companies. People can complain about Metal Gear, but this is the worst cutscene offence I've enountered. I'd go off and get a snack, except you have to press the A button after each line of dialogue. FFS!?*&!! Fantastic script though. I've never played a game that made me actively hunt for dialogue, PM2 knows its audience and rewards you for doing so. There are some crows you can eavesdrop on in Twilight Town using a special powe
  18. See, I've never cared for collecting things. It's optional, right, so it's a secondary concern. I'd like the challenging routes to be fully integrated, so, for example, I can get to the end faster by exploring. Or if it's not about speed, then throw in some more environmental puzzles.
  19. The levels design needs depth, the appeal of Loco Roco wore off pretty quickly for me. The developers no doubt have the talent, there's all sorts of lovely incidental design elements that give it charm, but the environments need some more challenge and multiple routes would be welcome too. It was a game that I could play without giving it my full attention and once you finish World 1, you've essentially seen the whole game. I'd get the developers to play the (2D) Sonic games, I reckon they could learn a lot about level design from them. Sonic came into my head during Loco Roco's ice stage, whe
  20. Keane set Berbatov up loads of times last season. I think Kuyt is a better support player, but maybe Keane could play the same sort of role as Villa.
  21. Yeah, I said the same thing a few pages back, that he gives it focus and a sense of occasion.
  22. "So when are we getting to the bit where this all relates to NeoGAF?" Hahaha, that leadup was brilliant. I wonder if he takes the same approach to design docs.
  23. MDK

    The House Track

    Struggling not to go all progressive here. Classic house, then. Marshall Jefferson - Open Our Eyes
  24. Figured it out eventually, hehe, although it took a lot of trips to GameFaqs to suss this one out fully. In my head, it was always a chillout game, but when I play it, it flows like a score-attack shooter and the strategy is the same. Gonna have to come back to it some other time when I'm ready to attack it.
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