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  1. A sign of things to come, I hope. Apart from the bit about it being a PSN exclusive.
  2. I'm pretty 'meh' about Disc 2 on the whole, even on Disc 1 it's over for me after track 11, Kenny's Back gives a perfect end point. The last two tracks just pull me right out, I reckon they were added in to fill out the minutes. In fact I'm going to make an edit version in a single mp3 file to listen to on the go.
  3. I think Play are being optimistic, there's as less info. on this than there was on Invol2er 2 years ago. Still listening to his Essential Mix from '07 and whatever else Danny Howell's related comes up on TMB. Been listening to Dave Seaman's Global Underground 022 Melbourne, the first half is real special, if ever there was a release that gave the GU Series some meaning it's this. The tracks have a real underground sound about them and the way it proceeds, from chillout, to flamenco, to tribal, to progressive is pretty thrilling. And there's quite a few local artists on there. Also enjoying, Ba
  4. MDK


    Okay, this month's invites have gone (to StephenM & Futureshock). Damn, the list has got so much longer.
  5. What is design? Wait, no, I'm not doing that. Driver realised the thrill of a car chase perfectly and brought all those memorable celluloid car chase moments to life: the bank job, the bump 'n roll through San Fran, the monorail chase that pulled you right off the road, the tail and of course, the set up. It wrapped the game structure up in a 70s layout that both hid the mechanics and gave it a style of its own. The 'test' at the start was both a nice homage and a proper challenge to see whether you had what it took and the answering machine as level select is one of the neatest interfaces I'
  6. Yay! I can't wait to play it again. As soon as I get a PS3 (LBP day) I'll be buying this. No, it's a classic and the design still hasn't been beaten (yeah, I completed the sequels, despite Driver 3). Stop treating it like a tutorial. It's a test to see if you're up to the job.
  7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) God damn nostalgia.
  8. MDK


    I'm on the invite train now, so I'll offer them to (regular) members who post here (no PMs please).
  9. LBP Wipeout HD Mirror's Edge If there's nothing on Alan Wake by the time LBP comes out I'll probably trade the 360 in towards a PS3. LBP and Wipeout could keep me going for ages and that's before I clear the backlog. Damn, forgot about that, hopefully it will scale well on the PC.
  10. You quoted figures for one quarter only. Over a shorter period of time, the results are more likely to be influenced by platform release schedules. Try using a wider set of dates and see how well your claim holds up.
  11. I only buy about 5 games a year and these are the games that I'm really looking forward to, so waiting doesn't come into it. Besides, my most wanted list for the rest of the year is all PSN releases, which will probably never get cheaper. The games I used to wait for, I just rent instead. The cost works out much the same as I clock them within 48 hours.
  12. MDK

    The House Track

    I only just got an ID on this track today, after liking it for ages: Desert - Moods. Another favourite, really doesn't get going for almost three minutes though: First Life - Be One of Us. The wierd thing about this one is that Beatport used to sell it but had deleted it from their catalogue when I wanted to buy it.
  13. I want a cross brand tie-in so that cars in the game are fitted with the the Gary Busey Tom Tom Navigator.
  14. Oblivion (XBox 360) Still closing those gates. Corridors of Dark Salvation. Blood Feast. Sigillum Sanguis. Even in the dark, you know where you're at. The plan is to level just enough so I can repair all my stuff, if the enemies are going to level with me then it's time to stop playing the numbers game.
  15. Yeah, Saurian's the one who got me into this, I'm pretty sure. It took a few weeks to get a feel for it. You know when you first hear those words repeat ("level up"), it comes alive. You're not trying to clear the screen, you're trying to milk everything on it. You don't want to take the easiest route, but the most bullet filled one and you're going fly right through plenty of enemies along the way. It gets more rewarding when you realise that what looks best is usually what works best, this is a shooter that wants you to play with style. The bosses are a whole lot of fun, you can 'sit' on
  16. Guys, I double checked against the Chart Track website, just to make sure.
  17. Think 90m consoles sold is a bit steep for MS? Well Sony's target is 150m.
  18. Bad habits carrying over from FMD?
  19. This 'news' is older than the last Alan Wake thread. A lot can change in over a year.
  20. Don't you mean Leipzig? Edit: Read the whole first post. TGS is a strange choice, isn't it traditionally a Sony gig?
  21. I thought it was much more entertaining than MS's show, but I still have no plans to buy a Wii. Disappointed there was nothing on Wii Ware, Virtual Console or Wii Connect 24. Either way, E3 is Sony's to lose.
  22. I thought the Wiimote did 1:1 already.
  23. Hey, I did take my Xbox apart once, it's in my nature to try these things.
  24. I wonder will the disc need to stay in the drive? Because if you only need to verify when booting the game up, then it still adds up to a cheap rental.
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