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  1. Btw, I'd be very surprised if that "boost mode" was actually last minute and not deliberate from the start. I've worked on other systems with that kind of mechanism and it is the established way among chip people to keep power consumption down, but also makes debugging an absolute bitch. It's not something you could come up with in a few months. There was also some subtlety mentioned related to 256 bit instructions, which overlaps slightly with MS' comments about downclocking when SMT is enabled. Anyone that's used some of these wacky newer chips (like Intel's server ones with the fully extended instruction sets) will know about their enthusiasm for randomly downclocking and disabling SMT whenever certain long instructions occur, and it looks like MS are simply banning those instructions while Sony will allow them but attempt to deal with it better. (The comment about doing that deterministically was very suspicious). Neither is particularly great. I can't escape the feeling that architecturally the XBox Series X is more like the PS4, and that the PS5 is like the XBox One.
  2. My concern with this has more to do with the fact that the PS5 looks entirely designed for Sony's stereotypical third person action adventure, maybe open world, first party titles, because in those cases (and maybe driving games) the loading thing will give a massive advantage. They clearly started by asking how to differentiate what they're doing from PC, and ended up where they are, and it might pay off for those games, but for those of us that aren't into the Naughty Dog type stuff this will probably be a dead end. The other problem with too much storage and RAM is it leads to arms races during game dev based on assets and not fun. More assets does not translate to more fun, it translates to more expensive to make, more conservative choices, and a limited market.
  3. Gunstar Heroes is the standout game on it, by some margin, and that's not just being willfully obscure. Honestly, most of the games they selected (NA model) have not aged well at all, worse than even the PS Mini, and the hype around it is bizarre. Things like SoR2 are a cut above, but the main effect is to realize just how things have moved on for the better which is not what I expected at all.
  4. That was a terrible episode, but some of the conclusions were fitting.
  5. Just to echo the sentiment this game really is something else. Seriously, a great job by those working on it. That said, I suck, but feel free to add lionellionel to any leaderboard action.
  6. I'm still drunk, but stand by everything I said. That Puyo/Tetris hybrid thing could be ace, but I suspect it won't be. The Japanese seem to have lost their touch for puzzle games with the move to touch screens by devs, and with Taito held hostage by the slowly sinking hulk that is Square.
  7. I don't think it's too complicated, it's just that Nintendo are now completely out of their depth when it comes to creating TV console hardware. The apparent troubles others are having would tend to publicly demonstrate how hard/competitive this has become. The same will eventually bite them on handhelds as well. The software for the Wii U so far doesn't present a compelling reason for them to continue making their own hardware either, fine though some of it is, unlike the strong case Wii Sports made for the predecessor.
  8. That's basically right - racing games are one of the easiest to optimise for types of 3D game, thanks to it being fairly easy to work out what to render. One of Carmack's key contributions was working out how you can use similar tricks (that had been pioneered in academia) in more open environments like first person shooters. There have been further subsequent improvements in handling the general case, but the tunnel mode racer is still going to prove easier.
  9. This. A lot of companies are basically sweat shop exploitation outfits, and will move the staff to wherever this is legally acceptable. That said, I've also worked in TV land, and games is nothing like as brutal as that.
  10. You'd have to be utterly oblivious to even suggest that's a decent idea.
  11. It'll be curious to see how long IW survives now. I expect lawsuits to tie up these guys for the forseeable future. Will also be fun to see the share price tomorrow. Rarely will I speak in such terms, but if the rumours are to be believed I am fucking disgusted with Activision. So you're not making as much money as you'd like? Stop wasting it on making shit then, and let the good stuff stand on its own.
  12. I'm intrigued to see how this does - they're spending a crapton on marketing. Reviews seem below expectations, but I think EA hope this will be their Assassin's Creed. The problem is the setting and so on really does alienate a lot of people, and whether the market really exists to support this is an open question.
  13. I don't know. The only conceivable reason is that Wipeout HD underperformed sales wise, and I think the whole concept might be somewhat dated. In terms of new takes on it Bizarre Creations' blur actually seems like a likely candidate, since the abstract nature of WO doesn't sit well with the current market, especially in the US. To answer the original question, it has to be Wip3out - it was just far better than anyone had any right to expect at the time.
  14. With the Wipeout team essentially disbanded as of Friday the genre does look pretty dead, sadly.
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