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  1. It has been a while lol. I still can't imagine playing Alyx without playing Ep2 tho.
  2. Stick it out! Ep 1 was like an old fashioned expansion pack, just more of the same. It's worth it to experience Ep 2.
  3. Glad i'm not the only one thinking of Lord of the Rings with this ending. The movie could not figure out when to stop. I liked the first one without having any prior knowledge of the book or original movie. However this didn't really seem to add anything new and was mainly a re-tread, except the kids are now adults. Seems the story could have been done and dusted with the first movie.
  4. Sure. I'll give it a go!
  5. I haven't actually. Any good? I didn't think it was an official Nintendo offering. It reminds me a bit of Wii Boxing which was not really the best part of Wii Sports.
  6. That exercise thing looks fun! I quite liked the Wii Balance board and WiiFit.
  7. I hope this thing has a Master Quest mode or something. I've replayed it numerous times so that will be the difference between picking it up at launch or later down the road.
  8. Here's the results of my spin! PM'ed.
  9. Holy crap! Thank you! If people who signed up want to keep playing I think I have an extra copy of Dirt Rally. Can spin for it on Monday. Anyone else can jump in too.
  10. Looks like they finally updated Doom on iOS as well, although it looks like it is no longer based on the port that John Cormack worked on which was pretty much perfect. Of course there's the stupid login requirement. Hope they remove it here as well.
  11. Prey and it's dlc Mooncrash seem to be at a historical low on Steam today, as a $8 bundle. Finally picked them up!
  12. Actually it's probably the easiest console I've used to buy games online. You have to purchase a points card to buy 360 games I think, and sometimes I use a VPN to bypass region restrictions. Cdkeys as mentioned before is also great for cheap games and Xbox live as well.
  13. If you've never owned an Xbox like me it's a great way to access 3 generations of the brand. Having great fun playing Gears, Perfect Dark remastered from the Rare Replay compilation, RDR and the MCC. Just bought Ninja Gaiden as well which I was always envious of back in the day. If you have a half decent PC though it may make you think twice.
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