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  1. How do you get fish on stands/walls?
  2. Not mine, but I created a QR code from the picture and imported it. I think. Hope you enjoyed yourself, sorry I wasn't around much. Kids! Oh, it just crashed. Sorry whoever was here!
  3. Mine has. Red-rose bag, etc. My gate is open to friends.
  4. Mine is, the first day didn't work as a rock came back next to a flower. Bah! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
  5. My gate is open to friends at the moment, if anyone is bored. It's not much really, it's a building site at the moment.
  6. I was building a raised pathway across the bottom of the island, I added an incline to one side but can't do the other as I've reached the limit. FFS. New plans needed.
  7. I feel like I have that sort of power now.
  8. Inspired by the wonderful island of @NexivRed I thought I'd whip up a quick double waterfall passage to the dodgy ship. Turned out ok I think.
  9. It's a crazy place alright! Wonderful. Little bit busier than mine. Ha. Thanks.
  10. I've heard great things. Hopefully I can pop over.
  11. HX5GM is my code. I'm remodeling the place, excuse the mess.
  12. Leif is also at mine but Nook is only buying turnips for 405. Go to @spanx
  13. Thanks @Exidor, I'll pop something in the post for you. Are we friends?
  14. Mine's at 187 too, could get really high this afternoon.
  15. I thought that last week too, but they continued to be shit all of the time.
  16. Mine still says a high of 600+ possibly but they price at Nooks has gone down every time. Edit - odd double post
  17. Mine still says a high of 600 possibly but the price at Nooks has gone down every time.
  18. Mine is the the same. Currently 91... The Prophet said 600 last week and it topped it at about 150, so...
  19. Thanks, off-loaded my last 1200 turnips. Cheers.
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