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  1. Nice looking cars. Probably looks better slightly darker though.
  2. Spleen

    PGR 4

    My stats: Fastest Speed 181 (mph) Longest Slide 2 ft Longest Wheelie 2,095 ft Longest Endo 893 ft Nice endo, poor slide. What was your top speed in?
  3. More of mine. Loving this.
  4. Not sure if it was 12 minutes, probably more like 10 and a half. First time I had done the Nurburgring I think as well but I was indeed going too fast for the corners. Maybe next season.....
  5. Here is my first picture: Got to agree, Nurburgring in the snow was 12 minutes of pure torture.
  6. Spleen

    PGR 4

    I've got this too, it's damn fine. I've added a few people here, if that's ok? Haven't got gold live at the moment, but should have soon. Be nce to see just how poor I am.
  7. Sorry, I missed your reply earlier. I got my wireless controller from Ron at rondcrasher@yahoo.com. He's in the US but the new modded wireless controller from him was only about £45. It is excellent. Here is a picture of it: The extra buttons mod that I did is here: It's not too hard, if you have the right tools.
  8. If only I hadn't suffered a near-fatal accident that effected my right side. Damn me. ;)
  9. Are you using this tutorial? Stick swap Although it's only for a wired controller. I bought a wireless one from the same guy that has switches for the sticks, so it can be southpaw, original, legacy southpaw or legacy. It's excellent. I managed to play a bit of Bioshock and Stranglehold. I've also added some extra buttons ( A+B ) to the underside of a wired controller using this tutorial: Extra buttons I can now press the A or B buttons whilst running without attempting 'the claw'. May try both mods on my other wired controller together.
  10. If only I had seen this earlier I might have given it a go. Nevermind.
  11. Here's my (dusty) effort. Hannspee 37" HDTV. Modded Xbox. Wii. Xbox 360. Videologic DTS surround sound thing. Daughters Po. DVD recorder. A right mess of wires.
  12. Spleen


    It's here also: Youtube Looking pretty good, although I hope that the impact cam can be switched off. I imagine it would grate after a while.
  13. Hi there, I was having the same problem with my 4GB card when trying to play TDU and ProEvo6 from it. I ended up getting a 2GB high speed Sony card and all was well. Then I tried formatting the 4GB card like you said to FAT16, and well I never it all works now. Cheers. Now it seems I have a spare 2GB card................. £12 anyone????
  14. What ripping tools are you using?
  15. I hope that Lost Planet on the 360 comes with a southpaw option, the demo didn't. Great game, somewhat spoiled for me be forcing aiming onto the right-hand stick. As my right hand is less accurate ( blah, accident, blah, blah) I was constantly having to stand still to aim using my left thumb. Not easy when being shot at............
  16. I may be up for some after about 11pm or so. Most nights this week I'll be one. Haven't played it much though, too much CoD2 and Cloning Clyde. Damn games.
  17. Spleen

    Burnout 3

    I know, I',ve found the same thing. It',s even worse when you',re partially deaf as people think I',m being rude to them. Oh well, that',s all part of the ',joy', of live.
  18. Spleen

    Burnout 3

    Hello there people. That was me online last night for a couple of games. Everyone seems to have way faster cars than me, hence I was last by quite a bit (that',s my excuse anyway, it',s not because I',m also shite). I may seem rude but it',s because I can',t hear properly. I shall return when I have more cars as I accidentally erased my previous save game. Cheers, pfspleen ,)
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