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  1. Course 6 is where the real men go. So, 9 holes of couse 1 for me. I should be around tonight, although it will probably be quite late, 10:30ish, as I'm working lates this week. I'm up for any course, I'm now using the man that tyler used, which will hopefully help.
  2. I must say it's a very nice course. Any mistakes are punished. It all seemed to go downhill for me after I got nine for one hole. It didn't help that this was only the forth or fifth hole, still a long way to go. My person just didn't have the power also, but that's no excuse. I seemed to be drawn towards water and my putting was particually poor. Anyway, good game, perhaps an easier course next time?
  3. Damn you. I've got a fair few on the PSP games but none so far on this.
  4. Yep, I'll be there. I'm around all day if anyone fancies some practice.
  5. When's that available? Hopefully it will be soon, as I've only borrowed my brothers PS3 until April. Suppose I could always get my own.......
  6. I've just unlocked him too and I could have sworn I played on the sixth course at some point.
  7. Cheers. Couldn't believe the last on went in. Excellent game.
  8. I'm in, if anyone else is around.
  9. I'll probably be around tonight about 10:15. Is that any good for you?
  10. Sure thing. Blue flower 3. See you there.
  11. Excellent, those look good. Cheers. I should be around at the same time as last night, about 10:30. 6:30 on Sunday sounds good too, although I'll be free all weekend.
  12. I'll be around most of the weekend too. The wife and kids are going to the grandparents house on Friday night until Monday. Good game last night, at least most of us managed to avoid the house.
  13. Will anybody be around at about 10:30 tonight? This game is great, glad I borrowed my brothers PS3.
  14. me too. Good game everyone. So close...
  15. I won't be able to make it on at 4pm, Pompey are on TV. Should be on later tonight though. If my cable modem allows me to play that is.......
  16. This actually really good. It certainly picks up after a few episodes. Very funny. One of the better of these sorts of sitcoms. Darleen is in it also for a few shows.
  17. My PSN id is pfspleen not pfspl33n, that's my XBL one. I'll try to make it on Sunday night. Is it with the new DLC or the original stuff? 've only got the original stuff at the moment.
  18. I've got this game too and would be up for some golf. I'll be around next weekend or maybe some nights next week. PSN id is in my sig. Please add me, I have no friends.....
  19. I've got a pandora battery and memory card that's been set up. I've used them many times on both slim and phat psp's. If you want to use them you can, depending on your location. I'm near Nottingham.
  20. If this is a serious reply, saying that really really pisses me off. I find it difficult to aim with my right thumb after an accident, so southpaw is the only way I can play these games. It's not about learning, it's physically impossible for me. Such a blinkered view.
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