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  1. Is it possible to copy the save game off of the PS3? The Japanese version didn't allow this see, and the PS3 I'm using at the moment is going back to my brother soon.
  2. I should be around tomorrow too. Doubt I'll be here Monday night though.
  3. Hello there, welcome. As long as you're not as good as tyler then it will be good. We always meet in Blueflower 3 (after an unfortunate incident in Blueflower 5), and I should be around this Sunday at 8pm again. I think tyler has done some instructions in this thread. See you soon.
  4. I don't think I'll be able to join today. We've got guests around and it would maybe be a bit rude of me. Sorry.
  5. Yes we did. We were bad, me more. We did the 9 inward holes of Crown Fields. I got +5 and Syntax got +2. Not a good day. It was windy and, umm, the grass was too long...... I doubt I'll be able to play this week, I'm working earlies again, but I should be able to play on Friday.
  6. ok. I'm having a quick one player game.
  7. I should be around this evening, probably about 8:30 or so. Any course will do.
  8. I don't know of I'll be around this week, probably not. I'm working earlies this week which means I have to get up at 5am. I'll be around at the weekend though.
  9. I played a fair bit of The Bibs on 360 last year. T'was good. edit - The Bibs, that would be good. I actually mean The Bigs.
  10. Tyler was indeed in inspired form last night. Very well played. My ball seems to be drawn towards water, hence dropping five shots on only two holes. Good game all round though. We are not worthy.
  11. Hello all. I'm in the usual room now. Blueflower 3. Or are we in blueflower 5 now? I believe that Tyler likes to get closer to the animals.
  12. Blimey I was poor yesterday. Don't think that the new course is available, just a new person. I've just seen that the savegame for this is copy protected. So when I give back the PS3 to my brother I'll have lost all of my progress. This makes me sad. Is there any was round this? edit - My msn id is pfspleen@hotmail.com I'm in a different room to my computer though but have am msn type-thing on my ipod touch, which *may* work.
  13. I can't come on yet but am downloading the patch now.
  14. Moan moan. Oh me clubs!!! Good game again. I seem to get stuck with pars for the first 4 holes but then came good towards the end. The final eagle certainly helped. It was nice doing an easier couse for a change too. The sun was out and there was a gentle sea breeze. Very pleasent.
  15. I should be able to make tonight again, similar time. The 18 hole Sunday game sounds grand. Once I put the kids to bed I should be able to make virtually all Sundays at about 8pm. Anybody want to buy a 360?
  16. Excellent game again guys. Nothing seemed to go in, I must have had to chip onto the green to try to rescue par on every hole. Even managed to get out of bounds on one hole that didn't look like it had an out of bounds. Looks like I'll have to get my own PS3 when my brother reclaims his.
  17. They are indeed a nightmare those greens. Got to catch it perfect or end up in a bunker or the water. I may be around tonight but it won't be til about 11.
  18. It was indeed a good game. That course is great, slightly easier with a better person. My score was ruined by getting the ball into water twice on the same hole, with it rolling really really slowly towards the drink. Apart from that I seem to be getting better at it. I think my records for the 9 holes are -1 and -2, so all is not lost. Don't know what was going on with my keyboard last night, but after rebooting the PS3 it was ok again. Strange.
  19. How do you do the super-backspin shots? I'm guessing that is the scorched earth one. Done it occasionally but by accident. Also, what the difference in the 3 shot types (circle with 3 colours)? I know it adds 10 yards or so but MAX seems to do the same thing, but blue coloured.
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