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  1. All this talk about voice chat makes me sad that I'm partially deaf Anyway, I will be around on Sunday at 8pm. I will probably also be playing this tonight and tomorrow after 8 too.
  2. I’ve got a modded wireless controller that was done by Ron but I’m selling my x360. So, if anybody wants to swap a normal wireless controller for this modded on we can do that. It can have the sticks switched over with tiny switches under the battery cover, it is excellent. I’m in the UK. All I require is a normal wireless controller and postage both ways.
  3. Damm, keep on missing you all. I'm in the lobby now, again, but I will probably leave just before you all return.
  4. Hello? I'm in the lobby now.
  5. I'm a maybe too, but quite late at about 10pm. I've played a few rounds on the Silver Peaks course, which I believe is the 5th one. I'm just about to do a verses match against the big American dude.
  6. That ok. Did a couple of tounaments and came third twice. Even moved up to G2 level. Had a few goes on single player and have now opened up all of the intermediate golfers. Next step is the Crown Links course.
  7. Anybody around now who fancies a game? I'm in the usual lobby.
  8. I might be around too, although it will probably be about 10:30ish due to working late shift.
  9. Excellent games. Can't believe that I messed at the end of the two 9 hole games. Missing easy putts, nevermind. I've opened up courses 2, 3 and 4, I think. Though I do prefer course 1........
  10. I sent you an friend request yesterday, which is probably what it means. You haven't accepted yet
  11. I'll be able to make tomorrow at about 8pm. dinsdale's PSN id is Dinsdale1973.
  12. I should be on at about that time too.
  13. £34.99 in Blockbuster. £34.71 in Asda. I caved-in and got it in Asda.
  14. Ah yes. Excellent. Haven't read that site for a few weeks so missed it. Good news. I 'may' still get the PAL one though.......
  15. I may be forced to buy the PAL copy too. Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!
  16. Is it possible to copy the save game off of the PS3? The Japanese version didn't allow this see, and the PS3 I'm using at the moment is going back to my brother soon.
  17. I should be around tomorrow too. Doubt I'll be here Monday night though.
  18. Hello there, welcome. As long as you're not as good as tyler then it will be good. We always meet in Blueflower 3 (after an unfortunate incident in Blueflower 5), and I should be around this Sunday at 8pm again. I think tyler has done some instructions in this thread. See you soon.
  19. I don't think I'll be able to join today. We've got guests around and it would maybe be a bit rude of me. Sorry.
  20. Yes we did. We were bad, me more. We did the 9 inward holes of Crown Fields. I got +5 and Syntax got +2. Not a good day. It was windy and, umm, the grass was too long...... I doubt I'll be able to play this week, I'm working earlies again, but I should be able to play on Friday.
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