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  1. Hopefully I should be on tonight, so if I play with someone here I can post my score. If you don't mind Safari again?
  2. Just got back from a pub lunch/tea type thing. Sounds like a good game was had, gutted that I missed it. Hopefully someone will be around when I'm on that can play with me.
  3. I apologise. I may still be able to make it though, but don't bother waiting for me if not.
  4. I'm going out tonight, so I'm doubtful now. Pesky guests.
  5. Ooo, cryptic clues. Like it.
  6. I shall try to make it for 8pm tonight.
  7. Probably, we've got guests over on Thursday as well and I don't want to be sent to the play room with the SDTV using composite. For shame........ Edit: ....... but I shall try to make it. It's not *too* bad in scart1.
  8. Sorry Sensei. I do two weeks early shift then two weeks lates, and I've just started earlies. I thought to use an Intermediate person to mix it up a little.
  9. It's only the 4th course, a few hours needed maybe. I doubt I'll be able to make Thursday night actually. It's too late for me as I'm working up at 5 and need my beauty sleep I'll be around on Fri/Sat/Sun night though.
  10. I'll be up for this again. Can we just do intermediate characters? Everyone should have at least one.
  11. I know. I've been relegated to the kids play room whilst the wife watches Grey's Anatomy.
  12. I'll be on too. Although I may be playing on a SDTV, if this is the case I'm going to use it as an excuse if I do bad.
  13. When the circle is smallest. I find it easier with the advanced shots.
  14. Mines probably about the same, 30-40%. Think I've only hit the pin though about 2 or 3 times, so the chances of a spirly or homing shot are very rare.
  15. HDCP? <Google seach> high-bandwidth digital-content protection Ah, probably not. Damn.
  16. Has anybody else got a HDMI>DVI cable? Do they work properly? I've got one to connect to my PC monitor but I don't see anything, it's all just black. The output is there though, as the monitor doesn't switch back to the VGA input.
  17. Good write up tyler and well played. After a good start it all went bad. Can't believe I found the water twice, although it wouldn't have made any difference in the end. Definately up for more but agreed with saving this course. Just can't seem to get under par for 18 holes, 9 holes is no problem. Good game overall people, cheers.
  18. Indeed, he's keeping awfully quiet (or he's not in at the moment). Maybe we should all watch him?
  19. Nothing less than -5 will do.
  20. Not too bad a score. As Syntax said, the novice characters actually helped. Would have got a better score if my putting wasn't awful, missed so many 6 footers. Scratch had a mare though. He was doing ok until a couple of holes where he got stuck in the sand. The pressure is on Syntax now, will he be able to take over the mantra from tiger? See you all later.
  21. Yeah, sorry. They should be - not +. Apologies again.
  22. I very much doubt I'll be able to make 7pm on Sunday, if I have qualified. 8pm is usually the earliest I can do. Sorry.
  23. I'll be there. Maybe a minute or two late, hopefully not though.
  24. I should be able to get on at 10:30. This all depends on whether I can get control of the TV from the wife. Wish me luck......
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