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  1. Can't start that early I'm afraid. I won't be home until about 10:30, which means I will probably have to pull out now. I'll be available on Fri-Sun at 8:30 though. Sorry all.
  2. Gutted I missed this one, I could have been a contender. Never mind. I'm back again this week so do your worst, not Silver Peaks though.....
  3. Unfortunately I won't be here on Sunday so I will have to give this week a miss. I like the Euro course too, nevermind. scratch - We were all sad when you vanished yesterday. We held a minutes silence. I won on -7.
  4. Close scores this week, should make for an excellent game. See you all at about 8:30. I that ok for everyone?
  5. I've PMed you his scores now.
  6. Nope. Just me, avex and vezna.
  7. I should be able to play tonight, about 8:30. Got the Oceania course for Minna5 and had a quick 18 holes. It's lovely. Looks beautiful. Reasonably tricky too, which is nice.
  8. I doubt I'll be able to make 8pm tonight. Should be around tomorrow night though.
  9. Have you done it then? Is it 800 points for the course? Looking at the website and it appears that you only have to be confirmed to pay with PayPal, you don't need it for google payments. Do I buy the course? Question, questions.
  10. I'll probably need to be switched to Friday, but I will try to make tonight. How do we go about getting the extra course on Minna? I've got a Hong Kong account. I've got my own PS3 now, woot. Don't forget, new things in EG today too.
  11. I vote for: 2. Okinawa and its lovely sea air.
  12. It was indeed a good game. Don't seem to be able to do better than -9 though, that's been the score the last few times. Definately prefer this course to Silver Peaks, as was apparant in the second game
  13. Judging from my recent form I'll be lucky to get -9 again. I always seem to make silly mistakes.
  14. Ooo, exciting times. Hopefully I will qualify which will go well with Pompey beating City.
  15. I've got that kitchen...... and TV.
  16. Anyone around? I'm in the lobby now.
  17. Hopefully I should be on tonight, so if I play with someone here I can post my score. If you don't mind Safari again?
  18. Just got back from a pub lunch/tea type thing. Sounds like a good game was had, gutted that I missed it. Hopefully someone will be around when I'm on that can play with me.
  19. I apologise. I may still be able to make it though, but don't bother waiting for me if not.
  20. I'm going out tonight, so I'm doubtful now. Pesky guests.
  21. Ooo, cryptic clues. Like it.
  22. I shall try to make it for 8pm tonight.
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