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  1. Ah, probably went to sleep. No worries.
  2. Yeah, I would've thought so. It's open now.
  3. All quiet now, and breathe. Thanks for the tips everyone, the gates are still open, I'll probably be away though.
  4. No problems. Enjoy the views. Thanks for the tip.
  5. I am your friend! Some people...
  6. Ha, cheers. That was just a random Yoshi picture that I converted into a QR code. The crazy mannequins is trying to move the rocks. It's taking ages due to stupidity on my part.
  7. Thanks. I saw that you were fast!
  8. Jetman killed it. Have opened again.
  9. No worries, you must have thousands!
  10. Really? Glad you think so. Thanks.
  11. I'll add you on a bit. No worries.
  12. Haha, yeah, I'll be on i expect.
  13. I'll except the requests in a minute, no worries.
  14. 458 here now. Gate is open to friends.
  15. Thanks for visiting @Tetmon, glad you got the right flooring. Cheers.
  16. My place is open to friends. Saharah is around and it's raining.
  17. Interesting prediction this afternoon. We shall see.
  18. Crikey, my island had a five star rating now. Golden Watering can here I come! I thought having mannequins everywhere would matter.
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